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The Spa Treatment

The Daily Lives of Illusen and Jhudora

by seoulful
Tattered To Perfection

The inspiration for the mutant tattered dress.

Also by faithclone

by _espy_

Be Careful What You Fish For

This hungry Zafara got more than she bargained for at the fishing hole.

Also by bha288

by mandypandy667

Speak No More

My favourite children's show

by laehlani
Seven Years Later

Returning after a seven year hiatus can be rough

by kackcheeka
Feeling Sorry for the Krawken

Did you come to visit me?

by alex9292
Things the Island Mystic Says #1

Food can live a life outside of your inventory, you know.

by pinkie_diane_pie
Magma's Doubt

So... Just play together?

by happy_things
Even Water Faeries Learn to Swim

Would you mind finding...

Also by setorange

by flufflepuff

Random Oddness

One of the most unappreciated jobs in the world.

by mistyqee
Aisha Hair

and thus we see why I shouldn't play dice-a-roo...

by fuzzykit12
Snack Time!

Chocolate pets love chocolate!

by chyshie
Random Events With Glumpkin

I never said his priorities were in order...

by ragecandybar
Barnaby the Lupe

The trials, tribulations and struggles of an ordinary Lupe to feed his family...

by caelum_apple
Neopian Day Care

Why there is...

by invalid
The Goofers - Guess Who?

Everyone has their hobbies...

by lintsuf
Unlikeable Sort

Have you seen my birthday meepit?

by keese_bat
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"Friendship Means Never Giving Up" by noxlyx
"I know that everyone says that she's evil but... they were friends once..." said Breeze as he inhaled deeply. "And what better way to try and rekindle a long lost friendship than on Valentines Day?"

Other Stories


Family Comes First
How important is winning when it's not the right thing to do?

by plasticlizards


Tales From Elysian Fields: Amelia Abbreviated
Amelia is very much aware of her Unfortunate State of Being, as many kind-hearted folks will often remind her.

"You make me feel so tall!"

by bug0704


The Editor's Quill
Editing is a difficult skill to master, but an important skill to have.

Co-written and thumbnail by cosmicfire918

by parody_ham


Fountain Faerie Quest: Increasing Your Chances
A few tips and tricks to help you score this rare opportunity.

by audiine


Faerie Wars I: The Six Kingdoms - Part Six
"You will be a miserable fyora without your sister to keep you in check! You have not her reason or wisdom!"

by kioasakka


Travels of a Would-Be Knight: Eddetha the Immortal - Part One
Roxias liked Scout, he really did. In the months they'd traveled together, she'd become a close friend. However, there were times when he couldn't tell if the Zafara was insane or just had a really, really messed-up sense of humor...

by daniecelpines

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