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Mauwee and The Mysterious Egg Part 4

Now what should I do with it?

by reantimate
Coco JubJubs Don't Get Paid Enough

Summer Jobs

Also by coco_bella

by ladyailsa

Paint Brush Problems: Halloween (2/9)

The easiest way to extinguish a fire is to stamp it out.

Written by usasoccr

by msjanny

Z, The Dark Tonu Knight

Starring Black_Knight_Zero_00 the Tonu! Z belongs to horntailz.

by gorubeza
What Not to Eat for Breakfast

Note to self: Don't randomly feed stuff to Xyla...

by abbytate12
Forgotten Shore?

Sure it is.

by madelania
A Day in the Life of Young Dr. Sloth 2

Why Dr Sloth has never managed to take over Neopia

by blueheron175
Bread and Butter

The fastest trip to the Rainbow Pool

by _epiphany_
Taming Melvin the Monster

Something has happened!

Also by darkpinkrose

by shehadaname1

New Friends


by chicken_gurl
Antithesis: Fuzzle Fuss

Rondaire is an introverted Cybunny, and the more she leaves home, the more contrast she sees between herself and others.

by theladyminka
The Hungry Skeith

Sometimes working in a jelly factory isn't the best idea for a very hungry Skeith.

by peterzezima
Awnix Meets the Fire Faerie!

Well... he WAS cute...

by snoleopard
A Diamond Is Not Always a Good Thing to Find!!

Fancy a game?

by labmom953
What Really Happens in the Kadoatery

Feeding kadoaties is a form of art.

by hideri
Use Your Imagination

True love is mutually beneficial violence.

by shadowstrand

Someone has a dry sense of humor....

by silverfang_avatar
Apple Bobbing Isn't for Everyone

Sure is fun, huh?

by honeybee_462
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Altador Cup Slushies

Slushies are the most popular food on the market during the Altador Cup season. Originally just a cold treat sold in Happy Valley to make cold neopets even colder, the slushie market has expanded tremendously since the discovery of...

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Shoyru Blessings
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Money Making, Saving, and Other Such Things
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Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Stagnation - Part Eight
"I'm not sure about this," Ayame said dubiously as she followed Gary through the twists and turns of the royal library.

by shinkoryu14


The Golden Quill: Part Two
"Leeana, I am glad that you have found someone to take your place. But are you sure that she is the right one?"

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