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Mauwee and The Mysterious Egg Part 4

Now what should I do with it?

by reantimate
Coco JubJubs Don't Get Paid Enough

Summer Jobs

Also by coco_bella

by ladyailsa

Paint Brush Problems: Halloween (2/9)

The easiest way to extinguish a fire is to stamp it out.

Written by usasoccr

by msjanny

Z, The Dark Tonu Knight

Starring Black_Knight_Zero_00 the Tonu! Z belongs to horntailz.

by gorubeza
What Not to Eat for Breakfast

Note to self: Don't randomly feed stuff to Xyla...

by abbytate12
Forgotten Shore?

Sure it is.

by madelania
A Day in the Life of Young Dr. Sloth 2

Why Dr Sloth has never managed to take over Neopia

by blueheron175
Bread and Butter

The fastest trip to the Rainbow Pool

by _epiphany_
Taming Melvin the Monster

Something has happened!

Also by darkpinkrose

by shehadaname1

New Friends


by chicken_gurl
Antithesis: Fuzzle Fuss

Rondaire is an introverted Cybunny, and the more she leaves home, the more contrast she sees between herself and others.

by theladyminka
The Hungry Skeith

Sometimes working in a jelly factory isn't the best idea for a very hungry Skeith.

by peterzezima
Awnix Meets the Fire Faerie!

Well... he WAS cute...

by snoleopard
A Diamond Is Not Always a Good Thing to Find!!

Fancy a game?

by labmom953
What Really Happens in the Kadoatery

Feeding kadoaties is a form of art.

by hideri
Use Your Imagination

True love is mutually beneficial violence.

by shadowstrand

Someone has a dry sense of humor....

by silverfang_avatar
Apple Bobbing Isn't for Everyone

Sure is fun, huh?

by honeybee_462
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"The Dark Faerie's Spell" by grundolover66
No one would have known about her visit to this castle, and no harm would come to her if she turned around and went home instead. But if she fled now, she would never know the answer to the question that occupied her mind day and night. What was Jhudora planning?

Other Stories


The Babaa and the Lupe
Dollie had always been smaller than the other Babaas. It had never bothered her before...

Also by barbiedolls

by nycflowergirl


The Misadventures of Mattie
The echoing halls of the Neopian Central Orphanage called to her, but Mattie was stuck in her room.

by kako144555


Neopia's Most Fierce Female Neopets
Over the course of its more than thirteen years, Neopia has seen its fair share of tough ladies.

by venused


Altador Cup: Choosing the Team On Historical Basis
This article aims to help the players to choose their team according to their AC history.

by sergente__hartmann


Ballad of the Faerie's Champion: Stagnation - Part Eight
"I'm not sure about this," Ayame said dubiously as she followed Gary through the twists and turns of the royal library.

by shinkoryu14


Illusen's First Quest: Part One
"My dear Illusen," Fyora said soothingly, taking the cup and saucer Illusen offered and sipping the tea. "Faerieland will soon be under attack."

by shrinkme

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