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Mauwee and The Mysterious Egg Part 7

A Green Egg?!

by reantimate
Paint Brush Problems: Pirate (3/9)

It's not a pirate's life for employees.

Written by usasoccr

by msjanny

Mysterious Treasure Part 2

Hand over the loot, kids.

Drawing by tehcannoned

by a13xl

Cappuccino Hearts

Exactly the same...

by mikomon
Not Exterior-grade Paint

It will be a distinctive neohome, at least!

Art by amandaiship

by 0123kl

Oh Em Gee, I'm M.S.P: Reselling

Because who wants to not be poor, right? D:

by shamaela
Life Is Hard 2.0

As a Rock

by scathachs
Appeasing My Cybunny

Keeping my Cybunny happy, Solariani, is serious business.

by williteverbethesame
Breakfast In Bed

Wailing Bowl of Oats.... Part of a balanced breakfast?

by actinia
The Nut Farm

Excessive wit may drive acquaintances away.

by ramheart
Not So Subliminal Messaging

The Space Faerie has her ways...

Idea by kaddisti

by fanlia

Book of Days: Beginnings

"Next to the botanist was her diary, which chronicled how she spent her remaining days looking after the Negg."

by keshia_songwings
Worst Choice Ever!

You're just kidding, right?

by happy_things
Results May Vary: Magical Gnome

We know, Ken. We know.

by return_of_itsy

Netting a win against Fanetti

by winner19955
Petpetpet Problems

Sounds like someone's displeased with the new random events.

Also by unstock

by l_like_animals

Woes of Expensive Taste 2

"Meow Meow~"

by fooshfuush
The Moment Altador Cup Begins


by junis19
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Strange Cute Petpets

Petpets - the beloved friends of our Neopets. Some of them the majority of Neopians would likely agree are adorable, like the Snowbunny and the Kadoatie. But what about some of the... stranger ones? The ones that aren't quite as "d'aww" inducing, but are still lovable? This list is in honor of them, the weird but oddly adorable Petpets that might get overlooked...

Other Stories


The Lenny Apprentice
"Today's such a beautiful day," said Mama-Mee while she was looking out of the window.

by nanakagi


Life as a Puddle: A Desert Abominable Snowball
Okay, guys, this isn't funny. 

No, really, I'm not kidding.

by kidicarusguy


Architecture of Neopia: Virtupets Space Station
As I boarded the space shuttle taking me away from my little home Neopia, and watching it disappear into the blackness of the starry space that floods it into insignificance... I could not help but feel small.

by arkwright


Celebrating JubJub Day the JubJub Way
It's JubJub Day, which means it's time for... JUBJUB JUBILEE!!

by emtz


The Cross-Painted Curse: Part Three
That second week being a cross-painted pet was the worst.

by swimmingstar01


Beauty Hides in the Deep: Part Three
"I thought there may be some clues in the Altadorian Archives, but it is one of the younger libraries..."

by xxfallensnowangelxx

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