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Aisha Soup: Humble Hero

World Domination is tough...

by the_shii
Thanksgiving Dinner, Neopian Style

Oh great...

by jhudora96
Shaking the Money Tree

I shake them off, shake them off

Also by tarake_7_7_7

by stephsie

Friends Forever?

... Or not.

by meowbey
Detective Alisha: Sparky is Missing! 4

This hat has sparkles...

by roxanna203
Avatar Problems: Caption Contest - Funny

Snorkles are friends, not food.

by khakio_21
Mutant Pets In the Lost Desert

This is why not many mutant Neopets reside in the Lost Desert...

by kikale107
Ol' Reliable: Part One

Uh oh...

by lockord

What more do they want?

by _petpetpetz
Beauty Contest: Behind the scenes

Warning: Beauty Contest winning may lead to arrogance.

Also by tizzlestix

by kristofferson

The Dark (and Cute) Lord of All

I am not cute!

by alloways
Adventures with the Petpet Lab Ray

Better get a jar for that...

Idea by bha288

by chylaira

Unfortunate Events

Can you really 'steal' something that was free in the first place?

by amarettoball
Janet and Jane: In Cartoon Form!

To be fair, Janet does it all the time.

by chasing_stars44
The Taming of the Grarrl

Simply delightful!

Also by heartxbreaker

by chunky_sushi

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Top Summer Fashions: Neopoint Edition

With the summer season fast upon us, it’s time to take off those wintery customizations (unless, of course, you live on Terror Mountain.) Summer is the time you and your pets have all been waiting for – and now it’s time to dress them appropriately for the season. You can’t have your poor pet running around in a winter jacket and a pair of boots in the heat of the summer, after all, so this guide will help direct you to some of the best summer fashion looks for your pet!

Other Stories


The Baby Crusaders: The Foundation
Alpinarose’s mouth had dropped about half-way through the letter and she knew that there was no way she could argue with Kate about a thing like this

by bunnyhugsgirl


Simply Grey
I sighed but the sound was all but inaudible. Not that anyone other than I was close enough to hear it had it been audible. Even if someone else had been, they would have ignored it.

by 77thbigby


Re-Introducing Neovia
Hello there, my name is April, and I have the pleasure to write about the small town on Neovia, and its big plan to make themselves more well known and regarded in Neopia

by aprildewdrops


In Defense of Overfeeders
There is a certain rush that appears every time you refresh and witness a slew of hungry kadoaties in front of you. The thrill that comes when you beat your opponent to the kadoatie of your choice cannot be replicated anywhere else on Neopets.

by mustang1772


The Fire Within: Part Four
They set out on foot that evening, or at least Yardly thought it was evening - time seemed harder to judge in the caverns with no sun, moon, or stars to follow.

by herdygerdy


The Door Closes: Part Three
I stare down at the table, head in my hands. Anders pokes his nose at my fingers, chirping quietly. Several spikes of stone lie broken on the ground.

Art by Ellbot1998

by ellbot1998

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