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Ink: As Black as Ink - Part 12

Things aren't really that Black and White.

by june_scarlet
Anniversary - Part 14

You mean I have to wait until September to get the avatar?!?

by caylista
Eclectic Antics: Trading Places

Don't worry, Hanso is currently fine. Slightly charred, but fine.

by amarettoball
The Helpful Healing Faerie

Well that felt like an overreaction.

Also by inrainbows

by corrina404

Normal is Boring

A trip to the Tombola!

by alexatina
Book House

By been a ghost, one should not worry of...

by oscaryg5
My Coconut Jubjub Natsukae

How to deal with a Neopet brat!

by lyra_blazingstar
Sibling Antics

This is why all of my neopets are hungry...

by kackcheeka
Slush: Meepit Addition

Well that was unexpected.

by _torchic__
Fortune Faerie

That's an odd request...

by x0x_gina_x0x
That's One Way to Do It!

I was wondering where those items came from...

by agentcpfan
The Problem with Owning a Magma Neopet

You've got to be very careful- it might as well burn your Neohome down.

by dawgcpa
Dad Knows Best #1

Dad meets wii's new friend

by wiiwario112
Dream Neopet Giveaway Part 2

Maybe a more general present would be better.

Written by queenmelissa93

by sophieauditore

Singing Out of Tune

Don't be ashamed of your really bad singing. Maybe it can make someone's day! Art by _frostmourn

by realidade
A Canine Conundrum

Something's wrong with Dave...

by pirate_11
A Pteri in a Phear Tree

Twelve days of giving!

by toasterwaffle
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Hannah's Adventures: the Pirate Caves

Hannah has always been one of my favorite neopian characters, honestly, and I pretty much think her games are some of the best there are. Having this in mind and with my urge to write another article for The Neopian Times, I decided to finally write a guide for one of Hannah’s games. There was one problem, though - I couldn’t choose only one. So, the solution was to write a guide for all of them! That’s right! For the following few weeks you’ll be able to read my guide for all of Hannah’s adventures and I hope you’ll become a great fan of her just like I am.

Other Stories


It's All in the Presentation
A roar of rage came from the Rainy Hollow Armoury. Lofty wrinkled his nose at the sound and entered the long building. To his very great surprise, a baby Skeith stood in the middle of the space, meaty hands clenched, green eyes glaring. Lofty approached the other baby, unsure of the stranger. Then, it came to him in an instant.

by 77thbigby


A Weewoo flew through the window of a rather plain Neohome, toting the latest Neopian Times. Rimos took the newspaper, thanked the small Petpet, and went to flip to the comic section for a laugh that early morning. Instead he received a shock.

by azienskieth


Wintery Games - Snow Roller
It's time to roll!

by royal_real


Pass the Pound Cake!
If you’re like most Neopians, you probably indulged in many feasts, eating far too many Christmas cookies and helpings of turkey dinner. You might be feeling a little bloated and wondering why your pants are feeling a wee bit snug. You’ve probably even started feeling a little bit of food remorse. If you’re not sure, there are some common symptoms you can look out for.

Also by dutchese159

by krispykritter6


Beneath the Haunted Woods: Part Three
There was no time to think; the pale, bulbous eyes and teeth sharper than razors were coming ever closer, slowly slipping out of the cover of darkness. For a moment, Clara was paralyzed. Then her mind spoke to her, muttering one word that gave her the will to move...

by shadowknight_72


Duplicity: Part Four
For a prince of the “kingdom of knowledge” and a celebrated graduate of Brightvale University, Rafael wasn’t very bright, though that could be chalked up to his Meridellian heritage. He wiped his own tears with a dirty handkerchief, whining to Danner between his pauses.

by likelife96

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