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Tax Beast Conundrum

There's a first time for everything.

Also by sage254

by sophieauditore

NeoPaper: A Trip on Mystery Island

Well, that's one kind of trip...

by mbredboy31
Detective Alisha: Special Guest Part 2

We solved it!

Also by xale22

by roxanna203

A Good Run for the Money

The hand doesn't give, but it does take.

Also by cloudypoogle

by certifiabletrash

Evil-opia: Seth

One day...

by mucka33
What Ever Happened to Galem Darkhand? (Part 2)

The mystery of the Ice Caves plot . . .

Also by iciclefaerie05

by chai7705

Color Combinations

Snow and Magma don't mix well.

by ixi_lover_ixi
Lame Pun: Fun Food

Just Clowning Around

by blackaavar
Word Poker Woes

Spelling is hard.

by silverpheonix105
The Kiko Pop

How did you even do that?

by franzgirl
Neoquest II - Lost in the Lost Desert

Sand as far as the eye can see...

by ketchup547
Ghostkerchief Woes

Wait... What?

by turtling
Stay Strong With Team Brawn: Cotton Candy Beanbag

What a sticky situation...

Also by Alexise1998

by tex707

Spyder and Flies

Even spyders enjoy junk food.

by applefaerie99
Dinner with the Scarlets: Intrudy


by june_scarlet
Petpet Woes

What do you do if you don't have a handkerchief handy?

by quiggles_r_kewl_1
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"The Inventor's Craft" by artsy_insanity
"Something has happened." He said with glee. "Something has happened!" "What? Nothing changed." Mira responded with a roll of her eyes. "But don’t you see, it worked!" the young faerie beside her spoke with the same enthusiasm as the Neopet inventor. Her brown dress was quite plain for a faerie. Then again, Kreludor isn't a place to be one's fanciest attire on. Especially with the places that she and Mira had been visiting. She is a dark faerie who currently worked as an apprentice of the Space Faerie. Her name is Delina. The Space Faerie is only there to ensure Landelbrot doesn't blow up the moon. She doesn't like staying on or near Neopia all that much. That must be why she's called the "Space" Faerie. "Delina, don’t cheer on his insanity." Mira told the faerie beside her. The Space Faerie's scowl was prominent today.P>

Other Stories


The Perk Of Being A Plushie
They even shared the same goal: to be able to buy a paint brush and get painted. The girls did not know what kind of paint brush they wanted, they just knew that nothing would make them happier than to be painted.

by she_chose_love


A Journey In Friendship
Zilean, an older Pirate Krawk and an eccentric sorcerer who calls a clock tower his home, had always had an obsession with time travel. After countless years and failed attempts, he was finally successful at designing an enchantment that made it possible to travel in time. The enchantment took the form of a glowing orb that emitted a green smoke so thick it could fill your lungs. All Zilean had to do was close his eyes, imagine where and when he wanted to go, reach out, and touch the orb.

by painted_dreams87


New Goals for the New Year!
A brand new year has begun, and it's time to start thinking ahead to things you would like to accomplish during your time here on Neopets. Perhaps you're someone who just checks in for dailies, or during school holiday breaks. Perhaps you're a student with plenty of time on their hands, or a dedicated Neo-holic who can't bear to spend a single day away from the site. Whichever category you fit into, there's no better time than now to create some account goals for the new year.

by alyndasgallery


Desperately Needed Wearable Items: Pet Hobbies.
However, there is still a gap in the wearables market that I think is yet to be filled: hobbies! There’s so much in Neopia, for players & pets, to help pass the time, it seems criminal not to have wearables to match! Therefore I have taken it upon myself to compile some examples of much-needed wearables, and most importantly, supplied some suggestions for people from what wearables are already available (yes, you’re right, perhaps I need a hobby).

by blueberrymuffinpops


Lord Faerigan - Fyora's Role in the Meridell Wars: Part Two
"Oh don’t worry about me. I just need a bit of a breather. Hmm...actually I was wondering if you could remind me when Faerieland would pass over Darigan Citadel next."

"Certainly Fyora, that would be tomorrow actually."

"Tomorrow? Oh, well, please mark some time on my schedule so I can visit with Lord Darigan. Call it a diplomacy meeting."

by black_skull725


Janet and Jane: The Case of the Framed Detectives
"How could someone possibly look so much like you?" Natia asked with no regard for volume.

"I have no idea," I replied. "But whoever did it did a good job."

by chasing_stars44

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