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Also by Pinksrainbow

by lyndsey4657

NeoPaper: Repeat Cycle

Hooray! My vocal chords are saved!

by mbredboy31
Eclectic Antics: Lever of Doom

Avatar collectors are not mad. Okay, maybe a little.

Also by parody_ham

by amarettoball

Questionable Parenting

Our favorite sewage surfing Wocky has to babysit for an hour, what will he do?

by rebeccagirl
Apple Chia

Oh no....

Also by icygal2310

by chiefgrumpy

The Power of the Lips

Uh, everyone could use some?

by royal_real
Random Oddness

Doesn't matter if they're slightly used, right?

by mistyqee
The Source of All Things Wonderful

Ever wonder where all the Thyoras Tears came from?

Also by steve_km

by toffeedatepudding

Faeries and Their Quests

What do they do with all these items?

by brenda_bbm
Neggsweeper - A Game That Sweeps You Away!

Just my luck.

Also by Breezah_baby

by mustikeuh121

Why Kadoaties Don't Make Good Supporters

That's not really the noise we were looking for

Also by azusa_k

by brooklyn3223

I'll Throw a Party If This Works

Also by balynx

by bittersweet52

Squid Slippers: HP Hassles

Talk about playing favourites...

by cosmicfire918
Fishing For Trouble

Problems can multiply quickly. :(

Also by spurstrap

by suixx

The Secret of... Fish Neggs - Part 3

Wait, what? Why are we here?

by tigerkitten41
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Secrets of Winning Mynci Beach Volleybal

In many other Neopets games, you need about 40% luck and 60% skill. But for Mynci Beach Volleyball, it is 99% SKILL and 1% luck. That is why many people still struggle to get the avatar (you need a score of 800+ for that), let alone winning a gold trophy. Indeed, on reset day, even those winning a bronze trophy can’t reach this score. And I have found that many neopians with 300+ avatars still lack this game avatar. The reason why people never make it is they don’t know the techniques and tricks of this game very well. You just can’t sit in front of computer hoping for luck in this game because every point, which can last for minutes, is won by hard work. You don’t guess or wait for the high-scoring neggs to finally show up after endless attempts. It’s all about skill and hard work.

Other Stories


“Hey, where’s Flo?” I asked, suddenly realizing that the halloween Cybunny was nowhere to be seen. “Flo? Oh. She’s just out running some, uh, errands,” my owner said carefully. I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. I wondered if she knew that she was as terrible at lying as I was at making questioning faces that looked threatening.

by butterfly7672


Inevitable Delusions
Two Darigan youth sat across each other around a round table, burying their noses in a fan of cards, hardening their expressions until became like stone. Around them gathered four other Darigan knights who had already folded their hands, and now, they silently hedged their bets as to who would win this round.

by likelife96


Does Neopets Stay With You Throughout The Day?
Inspired by my elation, I wondered if other players were affected by Neopets as much as I am. Does a cool accomplishment, like a trophy or avatar, have you floating on cloud nine for weeks? Does a new Neofriend have you taking time out of real life to spend time chatting with her every afternoon?

by indulgences


Cybunnies From A to Z
In this article I`ll be going through the alphabet and listing anything related to Cybunnies from A to Z! I look at everything from avatars to Cybunny characters, books and wearables.

by aleu1986


Sylva's Spirit: Origins: Part Two
he water was bright, and as Sylva stood on deck with Eliza sitting near him, he felt almost no fear. Almost. He carefully reached inside his pocket and pulled out the letter, yellowed with the age of barely two years.

by jrayeb3


Sakhmet Stories - The Witch And The Thief: Part One
No one knows where she came from, or who she is. To the children who lay in bed listening to their nighttime stories, Nephthysma the desert witch exists as a way of scaring young Neopians to sleep.

by iamnotaaron

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