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Continued Series

The Fire Within: Part Eight

Yardly returned to the Font alone, though Marbelle and her soldiers were waiting, hidden, in the tunnels beyond. Waiting for Yardly's signal. Waiting to storm their birthplace. The plan was simple. Yardly would go in and eliminate Igneot. Then he would signal the others to follow. It was a ludicrously stupid plan, of course, and Yardly knew this.

by herdygerdy
Faerie Wings III: The Nightmare of Dreamland: Part Six

“I honestly can’t describe it with words,” Brillare confessed, “but the moment I stared into her eyes, I felt my heart pumping widely and my nerves began to suddenly act up. Oddly enough, this has never happened to me before, and I can’t understand why.”

by downrightdude
Mother's Balloon: Part Six

The startled Vacana calmed down in an instant when he heard the sound of his owner's voice. He perked up his ears and trotted over to the Kougra, his stubby tail swishing back and forth like a Dogelfox about to get a treat

by dewdropzz
The Door Closes: Part Seven

A man breathes heavily across from me, audible even from beneath a mask of loose grey cloth. A swath of worn fabrics wrapped up and down his figure encloses him. He wears different patterns, colors and materials, but they are all faded and fraying, as though he has had nothing new to wear for the past hundred years and must make do with the pieces of an old wardrobe.

Art by ellbot1998

by ellbot1998

The Beginning of the Shadow: Part Five

“It’s not about yesterday. Zee, best friends are supposed to tell each other everything right?” Zee nodded. She still hadn’t told Kamia hers. Maybe this was the right time? Was fate finally giving her a chance?

Kamia took a few deep breaths, but was unsure of how to continue. Finally, she decided to just be blunt.

by sha2196

The Sorceress and the Prisoner: Part Two

The warm, sweet calling voice of his younger sister woke Jeran from his dreams. He couldn't remember exactly what his dream had been, only that he had felt alone, then shook the thought from his mind. To his surprise he had woken up in the courtyard, with Lisha's face hovering above him, a huge grin on her face.

by dudeiloled
Arthur: A Weapon's Tale: Part Three

It was an odd hour to be out in Happy Valley with few Neopians around. Art kept his head down, moving swiftly on the cold cobblestone path. The Snowager would be asleep any moment now and he would need all the time he could get. The path wound its way through town until pavement turned to ice.

Also by surath

by trubiekatie

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Just Like Old Times

Each and every Neopian has gotten something out of the Times whether or not they realize it. During its absence, Neopians around the world have come to miss the flight of bubbly Weewoos flitting through the sky carrying large sacks filled to the brim with printed press. They miss that freshly printed newspaper smell, the kind fragrant of long hours of work, tears, and elation. They miss a part of the weekly routine, when the otherwise uneventful marking of time, without its rituals and joys, is just another day. The Times put an end to that feeling for many while sheltering them from a life of monotony.

Other Stories


A Snow Faerie's Vacation
A slender index finger adorned with bright blue nail polish traced over a map of Neopia. Faerieland, Haunted Woods, Lost Desert, Krawk Island, the different lands seemed to jumble together in an indiscriminate manner in the mind. The owner of the index finger was none other than Taelia, the most well known Snow Faerie in all of Neopia. Her cold gaze fixed upon the giant map that took up the entirety of her desk.

by sassyxsandra


With a Little Help From My Friends
A continuation of the story "Only Time Will Tell"

by lugal222


The Traveling Neopian: Neolodge Reviews: Stop #8
You're much more interested in hearing about Faerie Castle, my very first five star hotel!

by cadetbush


Your Friendly Guide on Reading an Issue of the Times
Have you ever been so excited of the newest issue of the Neopian Times coming out that you just didn't know what to read first? If you have, then keep on reading! If you haven't, well...continue reading on anyway!

by adinos


I'm Helping!
Do you love Yooyuball? I love Yooyuball.

by neo111186


The Dark Faerie - Toy Obsessed?
What does she do with all those toys?

Idea by conveyance.

Artwork by bittersweet52.

Also by hermionie278.

by conveyance

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