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Continued Series

Identity Crisis:Part Two

You mean you're devotedslothminion!?

by debbie1188
Hitomi the Witch:Part Ten


by downrightdude
Elaine's Expedition:Part Three

Elaine and Jaycin had spent most of her first day trekking down the Western side of Mystery Island, exploring the novelties to be found at the Island Market and Trading Post. They had passed the Island Arena, where they had glimpsed a peek at the Tiki Tack Man preparing for a duel.

Also by afsheen_27

by milkshakes004

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"Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas" by randmar
Up in the Virtupets Space Station, not much malicious happens these days. Especially with Dr. Sloth barely being present, except to drop off some Transmogrification Potions hoping to grow his futile army, there is not a lot of drama that strikes down on the local Grundo population living in orbit around Neopia. As such, the newer generation has gotten pretty skittish. You see, they have grown up with all the stories of the space station’s upsetting past. They heard about all the terrible experiments Dr. Sloth did up there, they learned all about the tragedy that was Neopets V2, and they have heard the all too common story of a rogue Grundo getting sucked out into the atmosphere, disappearing into a black hole and never to be heard from again. There is a lot of scary lore striking fear into these young Grundos...they spend their days wondering what will be the folly of their generation, what is the next wave of bad news to come and will it strike them or wait for another few generations... This fear lives especially strong in the head of Mundo, a Green Grundo who was born and raised on the Virtupets Space Station. His parents had a bit of an unusual method of rearing him, where they thought the way to make him behave and do his best was to strike fear into the depths of his heart. Sure, he behaves and he is a perfect picture of what an upright citizen should be...but he also faces severe anxiety, the tiniest Mootix can send him into a frenzy.

Other Stories


The Secret of Keep Out Island
It was a dark and stormy night as a Wraith Xweetok rowed his boat to Keep Out Island – as the locals call it. The island itself was tucked behind Krawk Island – a large sign with the words “KEEP OUT!” was flapping in the wind – the sign was what kept locals from going to the island...

by alvissofcaldia


Alice's Lab Results
My name is Alice, I’m a Snot Jubjub. I wasn’t always like this, I was once beautiful. Do you want to hear how I became like this? Ok, I’ll tell you.

by ashgann11


Delicacies from Around Neopia!
With how different the places around Neopia are, their food items are also very different. With so many options from each land, it is a hard task to consider what to eat in Neopia.

by starry_zafara


Potion Peddling: An Overview of the Magic Shop
It is no secret that Kauvara is one of the best potion-makers in Neopia. Have you ever used a morphing potion on one of your pets? Have you ever bought a potion to heal it after a tough fight in the Battledome?

by tsiegred


Self love is everything!
Be happy with what you are

Collab with outzpwn.

by millyhz


Two Wockies and a Mootix!
Story and captions by Dortho

by hottendott

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