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Continued Series

The Whispering Wail Sword:Part Four

Deep in the old castles of Meridell, Mina and Talzadon stood by the armor-filled well, despondent. Mina had stopped breathing fire while they contemplated their options in the darkness. “I’ve got an idea,” she said almost solemnly, “but it’s up to you to make it work.”


by purplehopper

Change Needs Growth:Part Two

“It’s been a while, right, Patrick?” Nash, the red Psimouse, spat out the words.

“What do you want, Nash?”

by jehtredmonkey

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"Battle at Sea" by dragonshadez
The dainty paws’ of the infamous pirate captain Rowan pats against the deck of the faded walnut color of the wooden deck, as she peeks through the clear crystal telescope that fits in her paw perfectly. In the distance a battleship that is much more advanced than her own is speeding towards them at an alarming rate. This situation brings even more misfortune that they have already had. Not even twenty four hours has past since they were last attacked. Therefore the other ship could easily tell that they were in no condition to fight. Freshly patched holes have were just a patch job till the deckhands had the time to fix them properly, because they were already repairing more pressing matters late into the night. With a soft hum, Rowan tilts her head side to side as she formulates a battle plan. It had to be a perfect plan as to not have anyone injured, and with a slight smirk upon her lips she turns towards the chief navigator, "Haylen! Hard right rudder! Full Speed!" Her voice held strength and is steady. No need to worry the crew more than they probably were. There was no reason for them to anyway. Rowan would bring them out of this alive. A few feet behind the bunny stood a dragon like creature, better known as a Shoyru, who responses in a squeak, "Right! Hard right rudder! Full Speed!" His claws spins the wheel all the way to the right. His facial features shows distress as sweat covers his scales. The rest of the neopets on the bridge could tell that he was afraid, he wasn’t one to hide his emotion. Better yet, someone who couldn’t hide his emotion. He dislike the side of himself that is a scaredy cat, but at a time like this he knew that he could not let this fear overcome him. Therefore instead of hiding like he wanted, he shook the bad thoughts out of his head to focus at the task at claw. All he need was to put his faith in his captain.

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Intergalactic Message
The story of a pair of grundos

by hatsuomi


Darigan Overlords
The shadowy figures slunk through the dank tunnels. As the sludge dripped off their daggers and spears, they trudged higher and higher. They reached the hidden gate and cast the spell that would open the enchanted gate.

by grimmbones7


Confessions of a Hissiholic
Hissiholic (n.) A person who is particularly addicted to the collection of Hissies.

by alli_draggy


In-Depth Guide to Master: Snow Wars II.
If you're trying to win this game's avatar or the trophy, this is the guide you need to read!

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Blumaroo's Joke
Can a Blumaroo jump higher than a house?

Also by sthephanie

by neschulz


All That Glitters
Stop trophy inequality!

by friend101253

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