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I love the new yellow bar. My compliments to all of you Neopets staff. Are you planning any other fashionable, new updates? - Honeybee1763
Thank you! We know its a big change considering we really haven't touched the side bar since we started. Yes we have a few extra surprises planned but I can't say anything right now or it will spoil the surprise.

What exactly can a pet do with the instruments from the neopian music shop? - Weldone121
Your Neopet can play them and it increases their happiness.

Erm, what is the new neocam a picture of? Is it an air-conditioner? Hand dryer? ...Asparagus? - Arial325_returns
Its a dryer. Earlier this week there were some pretty bad rain storms in California and part of our office got a little bit wet :)

The clock time on the new yellow bar isn't in my time zone so I can't rely on it for telling the time. Could you make it so that there is a drop down list and you can choose what time zone you want the clock to be? - Mist__shadow
The clock is permanently set to Neopian Standard Time so you always know what the time is on the site and this makes things easier to organise online tournaments etc. As far as I know there are no plans to make this time changeable. Plus most computers have the correct time for your location displayed in the lower right hand corner anyway.

Why did you make/upgrade the sidebar/tablebar with the banner at the top of the page now? Ever since you updated it, my computer along with others have been taking a lot longer to open up the neopets page...lookups, shops, etc... Don't mean to sound rude if I do but I don't quite like it doing that. - Myhorsefancy
Help is at hand. Either today or tomorrow we will be launching a new server setup that will make pages load almost twice as fast as they currently do (even with the banner at the top)!

How come you havent been releasing more avatars? The last one that came out was ages ago...and I love to collect them!!! I just noticed that whenever there's another Newsflash, they don't announce any new avys, so I wanted to know why! - Es_rp
In all honesty we have just been working on so many things right now that the little details like avatars have been set aside. We will be adding more avatars and collectable cards (we haven't forgotten about them) very soon.

How do you pronounce "Pwn"? - Neowizard1287
Ha ha. Its sort of like own but with a p at the front of it so pown!

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