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Alright TNT, what on Neopia happened? It's Sunday when I sent this in and there are the most inappropriate things on the boards! Kids shouldn't see the stuff that's there (which is a bit of a problem as this website should be family friendly). First, please clarify that this is NOT okay. Second, can you please fix the issue? I like the boards, but I hate that this is happening. Oh, and please please please remove my username. ~ username removed
Inappropriate language or topics anywhere on the site are definitely not okay, ever. Unfortunately, the system used by our moderation team to prevent things like that from happening went down unexpectedly over the weekend due to a facility move (new office, yay!). It’s unfortunate the boards were taken advantage of while we were unable to moderate or take them down, but thank you to all who did not, and we’re deeply sorry about all this.

There isn't a listing for Vandagyre Day on the Calendar, when is it? ~ toeyjoey8956
November 12th of course! When these fun creatures were introduced into Neopia! It is being updated on the calendar as well so you’ll always be able to check!

How could you not want to celebrate that cute guy?

Hi, TNT. I finally, finally, after a few days, got a Zombie Quiggle. This pet was just released in the news and I was pretty excited. But, why can't I take the clothes off him? It seems they're glued right on and they don't show up in my customization applied box. ~ blackpugpuppy
Why would you ever want to take off his perfect zombie outfit? I guess the content team agrees with you though, as they sent a paper airplane my way to let you know they’re working on getting this fixed! Their airplanes look so much better than mine… *sigh*

Hey TNT! Back in Issue 601, you guys mentioned that gender identity and sexual orientation are hot topics, and therefore and discussion of such is not allowed. As times change, I was wondering if your policy on this has changed as well? ~ msjanny
As of now, it has not. Just to be clear, we restrict discussion of all hot topics, such as politics or religion, to protect our users from the types of heated conversations and harassment that can quickly arise from topics like these. In addition to that, discussion of dating and related topics are also not allowed on

P.S. - Just a friendly reminder that, as it's a hot topic, the content of this question and answer should not be discussed on the Neoboards, Neomail, etc. If you want to let us know what you think, please feel free to submit feedback via the Help Centre!

Hello! I was wondering if there was a backlog of entries for the NT. In the past we would hear back about our entries within a few weeks, but I submitted something about a month ago and haven't gotten either a rejection or acceptance neomail. ~ bittersweet52
YES, oh yes there is, I’m still working on getting through them all. Series and short stories are just about caught up but articles and comics still a ways to go, so if that’s what you’re waiting to hear about no need for worry! I will get to them all, so just keep being patient and keep sending them in!

Hi Country Queen! I've been wondering about issue 700 and whether you had a time frame in mind on when you'd like to start receiving entries for this special issue? Also, are we still able to be asked to be published in a particular issue? Mandypandy667
Hi there! Asking to be published in a particular issue is fine by me, just please specify this in the submission comments so I know! As a heads up, any entry that is submitted specifically for an issue will either be accepted or rejected for that issue, it will not be held for a different one. With so many entries for one issue, please don’t be discouraged if your submission gets rejected! You’re welcome to re-submit for a different issue if you wish!

You can also start sending entries in whenever you like, but please note that I will probably not be accepting anything for a bit, so that all users have a chance to get their entries in before the issue fills up. So, if you choose to send in an entry early, don’t worry if you don’t hear back right away!

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