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Hi folks!!! Just a friendly reminder, don't forget about our newest Collab issue coming up in just a few short weeks!!! Please please please have all your submissions in by Wednesday, March 7th! Lets get ready for a celebration!!!!!!

Also, I got a few comments about the Beauty Contest lately, particularly users being able to enter the same image that has previously won. TNT will discuss all your concerns and let you know if we feel the rules need to be adjusted!

Any word on how to get the new Caption Contest avatar? Seems it wasn't given out last round... Any idea Scrappy? :) ~smeehoo27126043
Very sorry about the delay on this guys! Everyone will be receiving theirs early next week!

Hiya Scrappy!!! *throws a giant chocolate Cybunny* I was just wondering where in Neopia your Neohome is? Roo Island? Neopia Central? Faerieland?! O_o Also, what's your favorite thing about that location that made you want your Neohome there? (this is all assuming you have a Neohome and don't live in the trees somewhere like a wild Pteri xD) ~eleroo
So I like to consider myself a world traveler! I have places here and there but I wouldn't say I live in one place. Mystery Island and Faerieland are two of my favorites for sure but I like to wander!

The new toy and steampunk colors are pretty nifty, I gotta say. But judging from the talk on the boards A LOT of people are pretty bummed about burlap losing so bad. Frankly, I don't know it did considering all the fans it has (myself included). I've seen one person complaining about origami but tons of boards lamenting burlap. TONS. Which brings me to my question- is there any possible way burlap may be saved from the scrap pile someday? Like, whenever you guys feel like adding a new color? Or did it miss its chance for good? ~loba_negra
I wouldn't say that burlap is gone forever...never to be seen or heard from again...ever again for the rest of time.....

Greeting and Salutations Scrapadoodle *bows humbly* I am greatly appreciative of the numerous NC Mystery Capsules that give out retired items (especially) the Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule and currently the Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule in which my Baby Grarrl appreciates so much you are no longer on her "must eat list". Please, please, and please add a Mystery capsule that gives out "retired" Mystery Capsules...I'm sure you might break the NC Mall with that one;)
Wow, that's good to hear!! That would've been rather unfortunate for me! Well anywayssss that is one that's been brought up to me a bunch! I will admit that I'm not totally against it...although a mystery capsule inside another mystery capsule?! That would be crazy!! It would be interesting though!!

Can you update the prize pool for the creative contests please? It's pretty outdated at the moment and we need new shinies. ~shorte2002
Yup, so we are updating all the prize pools over time and the creative contests are definitely on the list!

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