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Are the Poetry Contest judge, the Storytelling Contest judge, and the Neopian Times judge all the same person? ~indulgences
Nope! Although the jobs have been shuffled around over the years, presently, not one of those is currently judged by the same person.

Hello! I have a question for those with the content staff: how do you guys think up the ideas for the items? Brainstorming? References? How do you do it? ~brynchilla
A combination of all of that. Our Content Team gets together and brainstorms new items, and are often inspired by references or events from the day if there's no other particular theme to the items.

I'm really sad to see the Random Contest go. :( Anyway, I'm planning to enter and I was wondering: is there a maximum image and file size for the current / final Random Contest entries? The art rules suggest 80KB and 500x500px, but I recall seeing past entries exceed this. Please remove my username, thanks! ~username removed
For this particular Random Contest, the best size would be 400x400, as that is the standard image size for the Caption Contest. It can be larger, but the image should be square so we can reduce it to 400x400 without cropping your artwork. :)

Hi! On the Random Contest submission page it says that, "Submissions for the current Random Contest will close on: Friday 7th October at 8:00 AM NST." Was this a mistake, or do submissions actually close on 7th October next year? That'd be a long time! ~thaisgm
Whoops! The submission deadline for the last Random Contest is November 7th. Sorry about that!

In last week's Editorial, someone mentioned that the Light Faerie Cookie Sandwich stocked at the Bakery instead of Faerie Foods. That was fixed, but there are three other faerie cookie sandwiches that still stock at the Bakery: Dark Faerie Cookie Sandwich, Fire Faerie Cookie Sandwich, and Water Faerie Cookie Sandwich. I think it would make sense to move those to Faerie Foods, as well. ~_brainchild_
*opens the bakery window and releases the sandwiches to let them all fly off to Faerieland*

Whoever came up with the Jar of Dirt, may I just say... thanks. Now my 'pets can proudly proclaim that they have a jar of dirt and challenge people to guess what's inside it. That just makes me ridiculously happy. ~craftygrrl
We're glad you like it! We do, too. ;D

Hi, TNT! Have you ever thought of allowing users to save external stylesheets to your server? It would really clean up a lot of the CSS on Pet Pages and allow us to more easily use consistent CSS across multiple pages. I know this would be insane to think about right now with the new server, but it would be really cool to implement in the future! ~sayskk
That's an interesting idea. We've relayed it to the programmers to see what they think. :)

Ohhhh great and wise kaz... erm, TNT. Will there be a Games Master Challenge this year? ~deltamorious
Yes, there will be a GMC this year.

"I'll be waiting for you."


I've recently started a college course, and my years of experience on Neopets have allowed it to play an important role in my studies. I know you hear that all the time from writers, artists, and web site code wizards -- but I bet you've never heard it from an accountant before. ;) I'm learning the basics of accounting by imagining how it might apply to transactions and earnings in Neopia. Real money is very different from Neopoints, but it's still been a big help in understanding the essentials. :) Thank you for providing a virtual world where people can learn so much and have so much fun! ~burning_shadows_79

I love Neopets! This is probably the simplest thought of happiness anyone has ever sent you guys, but really... you're the best, guys! Thank you so much for doing your hardest to get the site up and running the way it was before the move!!! :) ~horsiepony

With everything TNT has been through and is going through with the transition and somehow managing to provide us with continuing quality entertainment, you give us the most fabulous treat in the NC Jowlard Goodie Bag! The Ghostly Web Garland!!! I love, love, love it! Best. Treat. Ever! I don't know how you managed it, but THANK YOU! May you enjoy a wonderful Halloween in your new home. xxxooo ~roshchodesh

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