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Thank you for creating a wonderful event as such as the charity corner. I am new here and it was nice to be apart of something fun. My question is. Of all the donations of items, Where do they go? Do you eventually put them on the money tree or do they all get discarded? I would like to know :) Thanks for the cool avatar too from this event! I love mine ~ mysticautumnrose
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and a very warm welcome! They go to Neopians in need of course! But I wouldn't expect them at the money tree any time soon... *wink wink*

Hey TNT it's going into the winter season , do you have anything planned for this year? ~ Walkingdeadfan2
We've got quite a few things in the works for the upcoming months that we think you'll be pretty excited about. It's my favourite time of the year! Sipping a nice cup of hot borovan and going to check out the dail--nevermind. Man, they're really going to stop letting me answer these...

Hi, I hope you'll don't mind me asking but is adopting a pet from a friend, painting it with our fountain faerie quest and adopting it back to our friend be illegal? or legal? Thank you for taking the time to look at this and hopefully I can get a response back soon! ^^ ~ acerawr
Hi! So unfortunately, you cannot use your fountain faerie quests for another user. It's a nice thought, but we ask each user to work towards their own goals and enjoy the benefits, instead of using someone else's.

*tosses a sock to CQ* Someone left it, I think it belongs to the office. *unsure* Anyway, I've bought myself 3 5GBP NC cards from UK before I left the lovely place that's with NC card ;_; and I tried to redeem one. I was surprised that the system thought it was a 5USD NC card and it gave me only 500NC and 1GB, with whatever candy wing comes with US NC card. I was pretty not happy with this because now I get less NC and I want to complete the Friend amd Foe series also to buy some GBC when they're discounted. After the 500NC is spent I redeemed another card and of course it's still 500NC. ... C'mon, I can't buy NC easily anymore and this is what I get?! *facepalm* ~ lucy_haha
Hi! We're really sorry about this issue! Our team is looking into it and working to get it resolved, so that it stops happening. In the meantime, be sure to send in a ticket about the cards that gave you the incorrect amount. Please be sure to include the card's pin and the date you redeemed it, that will help expedite the process for you a bit!

Heya! It's me again, so so I've noticed something in the NT, why are you changing the logos? I know you usually add one if we don't subit our own, but but for those who have submitted their own seemed to have it changed anyways, why is that? Thanks in advanced! ~ annnoel
Hi! So sometimes our system gets a little bit picky and doesn't like to pass along the images. To make sure I get yours, it never hurts to add a link in the comments section for me!

Hello! I was wondering if the items the Draconian Scroll, Manual for Raiding Tombs, and Disappearing Scroll have been activated yet, or if they are just really rare? Thanks so much! Please remove my username.
Hello! They have indeed been activated, but didn't seem very interested in restocking. I've shipped them out myself, so you should start having better luck soon! Assuming those disappearing scrolls stop disappearing before they hit the shelves...


I just wanted to congratulate you guys on another successful Charity Corner. I was rather critical of the changes this year (only because last year's was my favorite site event!), but now that everything's said and done, I think you guys did a great job. Changing up the item categories was a good idea, and the prize tiers were well-chosen and suited to the amount of effort put in. My competitive side still misses the Top Donators list, but I love that the CC has something for users at all levels of participation. So thank you for the best site event we've had in the past several years! ~ dfgh5067

In celebration of jetsam day, could you please end the editorial with a wraith jetsam? ^-^
Happy Jetsam Day!

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