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Will there be a Charity Corner event this year? Any hints on what to be hoarding? ;) ~ corynla
Unfortunately I have no insider info to share - there are no current plans for another charity corner. As for if and when the next one pops up, Granny has been keeping that secret to herself!

Just wanted to extend my gratitude toward the team in charge of the new AAA's Revenge game. I enjoy playing it on my smartphone and look forward to more site features I can utilize on the mobile platform. Keep up the great work! ~ potential_ruler
We're glad you're enjoying it! It was a big first step in working through how to bring Neopets to HTML5 and we're excited to see how this does with mobile users! The plan is to continue making steps to a truly accessible Neopets!

Hey Country Queen! First things first, I SOOO excited for the upcoming Neopian event!!! That being said, I have a small issue. You see, my computer just died (sort of) and I have been using my iPad for Neopets, which, of course, means I can't customize my pets and all that jazz. My brother said I could use his computer until mine was fixed, or I got a new one, but I was worried that you guys might think it looked suspicious for me to log him out of all his Neopets stuff, and log into mine. Another thing, My family will be going on vacation soon, which means that me and my brother will probably both be using the same device for Neopets, and probably one after another. Will that look bad? What should I do? ~ giveitupalready
It shouldn't be an issue! Family members often use the same computer, so if you guys are just switching between your individual accounts, it should be just fine!

Hello TNT~ I just noticed you added some super cute faerie petpet colors. I was wondering when they would go active? (Specifically the Dragoyles) Thanks! ~ enchantfuls
These little guys are active, so they can flutter right into your account now (and your heart)!

Hi There! The Duchesss Collectors Crokabek does not show up on the image version of our pets (sheds a single tear). It is such an amazing collectible, it totally should! Is there any way to make this happen? *offers cookies* Thank you for answering! ~ mexxyyy
Hello! It does that because the image flies into the frame, so the exporting didn't pick it up in the still image. I'll kick this over to the art team and see if we can get that fixed! *writes down request, balls up paper, punts over to the art team*

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