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New Series

How to Save the World of Insurance in Six Easy Parts: Part One

"My name is Oscar, madam," the small yellow Kacheek replied, tipping the brim of his blue bowler hat towards her. "I'm here to talk to you about the wondrous world of insurance."

by herdygerdy
Changes and Friendship: Part One

She was going to start at a new Neoschool, at the beginning of a new school year, and there was no telling what was in store for her.

by sapphirekira
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Fashion For Minions

I have realized something. My minions, those Grundo slaves that do as I please all day, every day, try to keep me, their leader, worshipped and impressed so that I don't unleash my vengeance on them. However, there is one terribly wrong thing with this system. It's a tragedy! Listen up, minions, for I have decided on BIG changes! You all work so hard...

Other Stories


The Auctioneer
George hated his job.

by evoness


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
"Silverweed spoke with me yesterday. He explained what was really going on."

by aizar


Keyquest! Silver is Just As Good As Gold!
This article is to show that Gold Keys aren't always better than the other keys. ;)

by sportsandmusic69


A Guide To Understanding Abbreviations On The Boards
This guide is to help some people who find it hard to decipher the acronyms and abbreviations that are now so widely used on the boards it's become normal to use them!

by jotty346


Funthing Has Happened!!
That is how you find a mystical codestone on the floor!!! =]

by white_tiger0226


Neovision Memories
How's life without neovision?

by thedougman

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