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New Series

Zur’s Zombie Roommate

Rain was pouring and wind was blowing. Cracks of thunder blasted across the house every other second. The Lost Desert had not seen this kind of storm, in a while.

by skittleskit09
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"The most precious treasure" by fy2027
Once upon a time there was a town next to a mountain, a big mountain, which remained in an eternal winter. This town was known as "The Mountain of Terror" because of the great mountain that was very close. Over the years, this majestic place was blessed with abundant food, despite the temperature. Each person who visited the town was marveled because of all the landscapes that town had. The most talkative people spent hours describing the amazing place, how were the inhabitants of that place, and how they felt magical energy when they were there. One day, a young Usul, amazed by everything he heard about that village, decided to undertake a journey which changed his life. One morning, nothing special, in which the young Usul decided to use an old backpack that was a gift from her beloved grandfather, take a few extra coins he found under his bed, and the journey to the people of all they spoke. He went to a store near his home and bought a nice map and a compass. Then he decided to stand in the sun to decide where he should start walking. He took his time, he was not in a hurry. When he knew where to go, he kept the map and undertook the journey.

Other Stories


Tsarki and the Art of Pest Management
Well-meaning evil is the worst kind.

Co-written by solsticesprite

by peirigill


The Heist
The two had lost track of time hours ago, but it must be nearing dawn by now — a dangerous time for thieves.

Also by jinxthebadluckgirl!!

by werelupecookies


The Best Neopian Annual Events!!
On Neopets there are a lot of events and opportunities that come around approximately once per year, and if you blink you might miss it.

by fat_hungry_chicken


Staying Ready For Emergencies
Emergencies can strike at any time and it is a good idea to be as prepared as possible. You always want to have a security stash deep in your security deposit box just in case the worst happens, like your pet losing all their HP in the battledome or a bad zap of the lab ray.

by parshew


Came Thru Drippin'
Hey i know that one...

by carrbot


Neopia at it's Best

by pumpkin_700

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