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Short Stories

A Bori in the Desert

The Lost Desert isn't a place most people would expect to find a Bori.

by shoyru_lover713
The Problems of Being An Avatar Pet

"All right! An orange Grundo! I can get the avvie!" I didn't reply – for I had heard similar words many a time before.

by bilked
Beating the Snowager

The Snowager snuffled slightly, flicking his tail edgily. Draykwurm continued tiptoeing towards him, his eyes on the prize.

by kateee366
A Pirate's Nightmare

Jacques awoke with a startle, bolting upright in his hammock on the Black Pawkeet.

by rachelray179
A Sister's Care

When I woke up, I thought it was still dark out, because everything was out of focus...

by blackghoulmon
Illusen and Jhudora's Night Out

This is the real situation. The two of them only kept up their "grudge" for the publicity.

by saabcd__aa
A Hero's Journey: Another Dream, Another Decision

The Blumaroo folded up the letter and stashed it into the envelope once again. To be a knight...

by precious_katuch14
The New House

As much as they all wanted to scream 'No! Take us back to Shenkuu where we belong!', none of them were heartless enough to crush the smile gracing Cat's face.

by cat0_88

"Don't you see them?"

Kyle looked around the empty field.

by pretsel_is_back

The Best Colour Ever

"I wish I was painted," Rose, a plain red Xweetok, complained for the millionth time on her way to school.

by falonony

"Breez, honey, could you go out and see how expensive her cure is? Mushroom Ointment?" Mother asks.

by spirit_wolf589
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"I'll be Home for Christmas" by fuzzymonkey31
Snow flurried hurriedly past the window as if it had some place very important to go. Every flake is unique, they say; completely different from every single snowflake that ever was or ever would be. But right now they all looked very much the same: angry, cold and threatening. On the other side of the window sat a baby Eyrie, eyes wide with wonder and a bit of...

Other Stories


The Reasons Why Neopets is Addicting
What is it that attracts us to being on this site?

by n4lgavin


What NeoQuest II Character Would You Be?
With the help of this quiz you will surely know your place in the mysterious land of NeoQuest II!

by phalzer


Scarlet Shadow - A Thief's Uprising: Part Six
"Darkhand! Darkhand! Darkhand!" the thieves shouted. A few days back, Lord Riqon had disappeared. The only trace of him left was a letter that proclaimed Galem as Guild Master.

by kathleen_kate


The Case of the Missing Eye: Part Two
I began my investigation of the Countess Lynerda's gallery, examining it carefully with my magnifying lens.

by patt788


Playing with petpetpets.

by ghostkomorichu


Kougra, I am disappoint
Hungry, are we?

Also by artoflosing27

by poofyfluff

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