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Petpet Name: Lord Dibble
Owner: tangledtrees
Pet Name: Amelorn
Breed: Tyrannian Slorg

About Lord Dibble:
I am shown into an opulently decorated drawing room where a small, plump tyrannian slorg is reclining amidst a sea of cushions on a purple and gold chaise lounge. A tiny mozito flits around fanning him and adjusting the cushions. This is the famous Lord Dibble, to the knowledge of this reporter the only titled petpet in all of Neopia. I have interviewed his Lordship several times before and although he has a reputation amongst journalists for being difficult we are on friendly terms. Seeing me approach Lord Dibble adjusts his monocle and greets me warmly. He is eager to discuss his recent interview in The Meridell Post. A 'hatchet job' he calls it, shaking his head angrily and calling to Albert, his mozito secretary and personal bodyguard, to rearrange his cushions. "Insinuating that I'm demanding. Me! And pompous!" He pauses his tirade to send Albert off for some refreshments before continuing his scathing attack on The Post. Twenty minutes later, with his mood buoyed by plenty of jelly and fizzy fruit punch, Lord Dibble regains his composure and I am able to begin the interview.

Interviewer: Lord Dibble, how do you feel about being the recipient of the prestigious Petpet Spotlight award?
Lord Dibble: Well of course I consider it a great honour to be chosen, though I do wonder why it's taken this long. I AM a Lord afterall, not just an ordinary petpet.

Interviewer: Would you tell us how you acquired your title?
Lord Dibble: Of course, of course. Be glad to! Of course I always knew that I was destined for great things, ever since I was a baby slorg. When I was old enough I acquired the post of consort to a charming eyrie called Amelorn, he was the one who showed you in. We've had some wonderful times together, getting lost in the Temple of 1000 Tombs, defending Maraqua against marauding pirates, saving the world from a demented xweetok called Xandra - oh the stories I could tell you! Anyway, Amelorn is fond of the battledome. Just between us he's a bit of a show-off, likes to impress the girls with his skills in the dome. I used to do a bit of fighting too you know, in the petpet dome, though I've retired from that now that I'm titled. It's not done you know, for a Lord to be seen rolling about on the ground, wrestling with warfs and hopsos. Anyway, one day Amelorn was battling at the Frost Arena and I happened to notice an exquisite pale pink glove lying underneath one of the seats. I knew at once that it belonged to Fyora, only the queen of the faeries could own something so spectacular. I immediately retrieved it and took it upon myself to return it to her at her castle. She was infinitely grateful and knighted me on the spot.

Interviewer: And has the title changed you at all?
Lord Dibble: Oh no, not at all. I'm still the modest, humble slorg that I've always been. Inspite of what was printed in that Meridell rag it isn't at all true that I require visitors to bow or curtsey when they meet me. Of course it would be good manners, I AM a Lord afterall, but it's not something I REQUIRE. No, I'm just the same slorg I've always been.

He adjusts his monocle and sends Albert off to inform Amelorn that he won't be able to accompany him to the training academy later on as he has several important lordly duties to attend to.

Interviewer: Is being a Lord very time consuming?
Lord Dibble: Oh yes! Very much so. You wouldn't believe how much I have to do. At the moment I'm working on my acceptance speech for the Petpet Spotlight, then I have a garden fete to open this summer. Then there are the fan letters, I insist on answering them all personally of course. Dictate them to Albert. I expect I'll be getting a lot more now that I've won this award, perhaps as many as two a month!

I thank Lord Dibble for his time and he graciously presents me with a signed picture of himself. I offer to see myself out as Albert has not yet returned and his Lordship bids me a cheery farewell before settling back down amongst the pile of cushions on his chaise lounge. The sound of snoring reverberates gently around the room as I leave, shutting the door quietly behind me.

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