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Petpet Name: sharkie
Owner: camidelrosario94
Pet Name: Aaila_Secura
Breed: Nuranna

About sharkie:
Hello, she is Sharkie, with her owner Aaila_Secura, I am very happy to be back in neopets and having managed to recover this account after a long time due to problems with the birthday. Sharkie enjoys helping me to always investigate Mysterious the Symol Hole daily and accompanying her owner in the BattleDome. I hope you like the drawing I did to my little girl with her beloved sharkie, exploring the ocean.

Let me share with you what was your life before you came to your new home: Sharkie was born in the dark and lonely waters of the island krawk and for a long time she was alone in those dark waters, after being caught with a shrimp boat accidentally , the fishermen quickly left her in a bucket with water and after a few hours they locked her in a fish tank like a prison. Upon returning from the crossing, one of the fishermen decided to stay with her. But it was not nice, Sharkie was always locked in a room, where that fisherman was fed daily, she felt distant home and missed him, her fish tank was very small and uncomfortable. One day while her new master fed her, Sharkie decided to bite a finger, as expected, her master did not react happily and kept her isolated in the patio of her house. After a couple of days, the master, realized that Sharkie was lonely and sad, then made a decision, to return her to his home ?? NO ... He sold it.

Sharkie was taken to a store where she was assigned a price $, Sharkie felt disgusted, locked up and surrounded by other petpets, although this new fish tank was a little bigger than the previous one, she wanted to return to the Krawk waters. The other petpets around her looked nervous. In this store many neopets entered to see them daily, some were annoying and poked the fish tanks while they talked. Many of the petpets there were bought, however, suddenly all the petpets began to try desperately to hide, even though the fish tank were small.

Someone entered the store, seeing Sharkie begins to point to it while performing tantrums annoyingly asking to take it. Sharkie is trapped inside her tank with a huge hand and put in a bucket of water. Everything begins to tremble. Sharkie begins to think that its end has come and that it will end up as canned food, however after a hectic trip it is suddenly released in the Krawk waters.
Sharkie feels happy, returned home, but something is not right, She was not alone! At his side there was a huge shark with big sharp teeth and what a fear! That huge beast came over her, why? to give her a hug !, Aaila_Secura, she had never had a petpet, she was very excited, she is a young adopted shark and now she will never be alone, because sharkie not only returned to her home but she found her new best friend.

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