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Petpet Name: Sir Furdinand
Owner: crazy_holly_ii
Pet Name: Purrika
Breed: Faerie Doglefox

About Sir Furdinand:
Purrika pounces. She pounces a lot, having the natural curiosity of her feline species, as well as the natural playfulness of her young age. If she sees something moving, it's more or less a given that she will pounce on it. Sometimes she catches her target.

Most of the time, she doesn't, being that her usual target has wings.

Sir Furdinand flutters gracefully away from her outstretched claws, unprepared though he is for the impromptu game of cat and mouse. Purrika is deterred not the slightest bit, trying in vain to catch him a few more times before he gives in and lets her win. She purrs happily and flops onto the grass with him in her grasp, and then she starts licking.

Nope. No can do. Her tongue is sandpapery and unpleasant and anyway she's sort of crushing one of his wings.

He stays nearby once he's escaped, anyway, trailing behind her as she explores the edge of the woods. There are a few tiny bugs and a bird that she traps in her caged paws, but she always lets them go. She ate an insect once and regretted it for the rest of the day.

He takes the opportunity to do some sniffing around on his own, being big on smells. He's hidden in some taller grasses when he hears a noise that he is not accustomed to; it's not a noise Purrika has ever made, and it sounds nothing like any chirps of the animals that call the forest their home.

Flying back up into the air, he hears the creaking sound again, and spins around in a movement so quick anyone watching would have seen naught but a blur. The source of the sound is alarming: a branch hanging onto the tree with all the strength of a leaf in the wind.

Alarmingly, Purrika is playing right below it.

The branch is not an especially large one, but she is so small. He makes a loud barking noise that does nothing to bring her awareness to him, and then, with dramatic timing that really should be beyond the scope of a tree branch, it quakes a bit more.

In another flurry of action, he speeds over to Purrika, puts all four of his little feet around one of her legs, and pulls as hard as he can. His wings are going at a rate that would easily propel him beyond the sky and into space, but the added weight he's carrying means they make it only two feet over from their initial destination.

Bewildered, Purrika hisses (or tries to - it sounds more like a vaguely irate purr) at him and wrenches herself free. She lands at the same moment the branch does.

Lack of understanding regarding the gravity of the situation brings her to resume pouncing around and batting at things like nothing whatsoever happened.

Sir Furdinand rests on a rock nearby, alert for any more possible dangers. Exasperating as she can sometimes be, he wouldn't trade her for any other Neopet on the planet.

He just wishes she'd given him a slightly more dignified name.

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