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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Gwyneth
Owner: cosmicfire918
Pet Name: ArPharazonTheGolden
Breed: Ganuthor

About Gwyneth:
"Okay, let’s see…" ArPharazonTheGolden muttered as he looked over the shopping list his owner had given him. "Bread, figs, eggs, chocolate… I swear we eat too much chocolate in this household. What do you think, Gwyn?" He reached down and patted the head of the enormous Ganuthor he was riding on.

Gwyneth let out a whuff and shook her head, sending her floppy ears flying. She had no idea what Pharazon was talking about, of course, but she agreed with everything he said, whether or not she could understand it.

As she ambled down the paving stones of Altador’s main market street, Pharazon shaded his eyes with his shopping list, trying to find the farmer who always sold the best figs. "Oh, come on," he said under his breath. "She was here last week—" His eyes fell on a Tyrannian Aisha behind a stall who had just lifted the cover off a crate of figs. "Bingo. C’mon, Gwyn, let’s—"

The Ganuthor jerked to a stop. Lifting her head, she sniffed the air. Then her tongue lolled out of her mouth and she spread her wings.

Pharazon’s stomach sunk. He knew what that meant. "Gwyneth, no!" he said, tapping the Petpet’s head. "You can’t run off every time you smell somethiiiiiaaargh!" At that point he had to wrap his arms around Gwyneth’s neck as the Ganuthor charged away down a side street.

"Sorry!" the Draik called as crates and barrels flew around them. "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" Every time. This happened every time. Something would peak Gwyneth’s interest and then she would race to discover the source of the interesting smell, not caring about anything in her way. And Pharazon, like a Mootix clinging desperately to her back, was helpless to stop her.

All that remained was to hang on for dear life as she turned a corner, and then another, into a shaded alleyway full of refuse. "Gwyneth!" Pharazon shrieked. "Why do you always go for the rubbish—"

He let out a groan as the Ganuthor lunged for a rubbish pile and began to dig through it, shoving away old papyrus and rotten fruit peels. Pharazon put a paw over his snout as a horrible reek was uncovered from the pile.

Finally, Gwyneth pulled her prize from the pile: a fairly intact teal juppie. She pressed her nose against it eagerly before eating it, peel and all, in two bites.

Pharazon slumped against her neck. "I concede I am impressed with your sense of smell," he said wearily. "Juppies are rare imports from Mystery Island. It probably triggered memories of our old home, huh?"

Gwyneth sat down and let out a rumble of delight. She had been notorious for devouring fruit back when the family lived on Mystery Island.

The Draik chuckled a bit, then cleared his throat. "Anyway—it still doesn’t excuse you rooting through garbage, and causing chaos on the marketplace, and, and—"

Gwyneth’s ears drooped. She looked over her shoulder at him with a baleful gaze.

Pharazon grimaced. "Oh, you know I can’t stay angry with you when you do that," he said. "I forgive you, girl." He reached down and hugged her around the neck. "But we really have to work on your odd tendencies!" He tapped her head and the Ganuthor got to her feet. Another tap and she was on her way out of the alley.

"Now, where was I," Pharazon said as he examined the shopping list again. "Figs, eggs, chocolate… I should get you some juppies, too, since you seem to be craving them…"

Gwyneth lifted her head and let out a whuff of agreement.


Many years ago, when ArPharazonTheGolden was just a hatchling, a family friend gave his owner Terra a precious gift: a rare baby Ganuthor from the newly-rediscovered land of Meridell. Terra decided to give the Ganuthor to Pharazon as a companion and guardian, and Pharazon named his new Petpet Gwyneth, a traditional Meridellian name.

Gwyneth started out small, but as Pharazon cared for her, the little Ganuthor grew… and grew… and grew. By the time she reached maturity, she no longer fit inside the family’s little Mystery Island home, and the neighbors had begun to complain about dug-up gardens and knocked-over palm trees.

Thankfully, it was shortly afterward that Altador returned from its thousand-year slumber, and Terra decided to move the family to a nicer abode, a large villa that overlooked the Altadorian coastline. This setting was perfect for Gwyneth, who was now large enough that her entire family could ride on her back. Now she could cavort around the courtyard and the gardens to her heart’s content.

These days, Gwyneth is not only Pharazon’s cherished companion, but also a convenient mode of transport during her family’s adventures. As she can fly with all of them plus whatever adventuring gear they may require, she is a cheaper and more independent mode of transportation than booking a Shenkuuvian sky-ship—although she does not travel as quickly, but the journey is often just as fun as the destination, right?

There’s just one hitch—Gwyneth does not seem to realise her own size and strength. She’s every bit as playful and energetic as when she was a pup, but that can be a problem for a creature that’s upwards of three metres long and weighing 700 kilogrammes. Try as Pharazon might, he cannot curb her tendency to dart after anything she finds interesting… which has led to a lot of mass destruction in marketplaces.

Of course, this boundless energy can be put to good use as well. Gwyneth is an excellent tracker who will doggedly pursue a scent. She is quite intelligent for a Petpet and recognises the names of her family as well as simple commands. Further, if push ever comes to shove, Gwyn is ferocious in protecting her family—not even Werelupes can match her for strength.

A sweet-natured and affectionate Petpet, Gwyneth is a valued addition to Pharazon’s family. Just don’t let her spook you if you see her perched on the eaves of their villa, watching you like an eerie statue. She’s just doing what Ganuthors do best.

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