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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Aquarius
Owner: sunndere
Pet Name: Togeri
Breed: Water Snarhook

About Aquarius:
When Togeri got Aquarius as a gift, she wasn't very excited... And I'm putting this lightly.
The reason why she wasn't happy was because Togeri, as a blue fire breathing and spiky Mutant Acara, expected her life companion to be... Tougher. Yes, tougher than a mere blubbery Snarhook. In the beginning she would rant whole days about why she's being tormented with a cute pink Snarhook instead of a more aggressive petpet such as a Cyodrake, Moltenore, or Captive Shadow Wraiths.
I simply told her those were too expensive.
Anyways, after coming to terms with her new companion being a not-so-intelligent pink pudgy miniature sea elephante, I noticed that she really did try to become buddies with the Snarhook. One day she even told me she thought it'd look nice if painted with a Water Paint Brush. So after time passed yet again, Aquarius changed from pink to blue.
After the big reveal I swear I saw tiny drops forming under Togeri's eyes. She, of course, denied profusely and said that Aquarius' water got in her eyes. What a baby.

She was very ecstatic with Aquarius transformation, of course, and even bragged about it to her brothers and sisters. Like, she would tell Suchtig that Ares' colour (White) was cheaper than Aquarius' make-over.
At some point she even decided that Aquarius should have a petpetpet because he needs a tiny friend as well.
It was quite a hassle to find a fitting petpetpet, but eventually we managed to get ahold of a Bumbluz.
Attaching it, however, was horrible.
At first glance Aquarius thought the tiny Bumbluz was a snack, and immediately tried to eat it, Togeri jumped between the both of them in time, luckily, as she knew I would've raged over the loss of my mone- I mean, a potential future friend for Aquarius. We finally managed to teach Aquarius that the Bumbluz wasn't a snack and that he couldn't eat it (a water petpet eating an electric petpetpet won't go well).
So after some intervention, Aquarius seemed to consider the Bumbluz as its own companion.

Anyways, now it is almost like Togeri has never complained about the little pirate petpet, ever. She would take Aquarius to the petpet arena and show Jekari how great a Snarhook can be, especially when it's Aquarius (take that Saffron).
Besides battling she would also go on little adventures with Aquarius such as exploring Kreludor, Maraqua or Shenkuu.
While the two of them had a rocky start, I can say that it all paid off well for the both of them. Togeri got a new lfie companion, and Aquarius wasn't going to end up as Jetsam food...
Oh right, Togeri never asked me where I got Aquarius from because she was too blinded by the dissapointment at first and also never asked me after, but I found Aquarius at the docks of Krawk Island, trying to escape a group of hungry Jetsams rather comically.

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