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Petpet Name: Lang
Owner: dewdropzz
Pet Name: Sulista
Breed: Biyako

About Lang :
Chirrup! Chirrup! His ears perk up at the sound. He dexterously turns them sideways, backwards, flicks them back to forwards, trying to determine the direction it's coming from. His ears are keen. He could hear the teeny chirping noise from a mile away (probably). He knows the noise isn't coming from a mile away, though. It's in his pounce-reach, very near...

He lowers his body, slowly and oh-so-gracefully. His white and black striped fur definitely won't be seen in the tall, green grass. His sharp emerald eyes catch sight of something skittering in the west of his peripheral vision. Pushing off his powerful hind legs, he leaps into the air... and lands with both front paws pinning down his pray: a crunchy, brown leaf.

Wooooow! What a great catch! Lang couldn't be any more pleased with himself. He was so swift, so agile, so clever to have caught this leaf! He doesn't think it's the chirping thing he was originally after — he holds it for a minute, waits for it to make a noise... no, this isn't it — but, well, no one was looking.

Limber legs long, head held high and tail held higher, Lang struts through the tall grass of the Shenkuu Palace training grounds, catch-of-the-day clenched proudly between his teeth, swinging it as he walks. His Mommy (his master is what some Neopians call her, but Petpets like him don't really have masters) is practicing her kung-fu-or-something nearby, slamming her hand into planks of wood and hoping they break (the planks of wood, Lang assumes, though sometimes he worries it will be the other way around). Neopets can be so weird sometimes...

Mommy is so loud when she trains. She screams at the top of her lungs, even before her hand hits the wood! He's not loud when he trains. He prowls quietly, like a shadow, sweeping over the terrain like a silent breath of wind. His every step is stealthy. He's a big, tough ninja-kitty. He is the strongest, smartest, most handsome Biyako in Neopia. He knows it because Mommy tells him every day. Mommy loves him very much.

Chirrup! Chirrup! The chirping thing is at it again! This time Lang has it in his grasp, for sure. He gets into position: head low, rear-end high. His big paws feel the earth beneath them. The ground is soft, and he can dig and shift and squish it... Ooooh yeah, it feels like a soft blanket he'd like to kneed on...

Focus, Lang, focus! His tail twitches, the fur on that most impressive appendage stands up, and he puffs himself out to look twice his normal size. His muscles ripple underneath his skin (They're so big, you can almost see them under all the fluff!). Chirrup! Chirrup! And there it is, a Moffit hopping through the foliage with its long, gangly legs, chirp chirp chirruping happily like it's having the best day of its life!

It would be the last day of its life if Lang weren't a royal Biyako. The majestic prince wiggles his bum. He warns the Petpetpet with a battle cry — that (actually kind of chirpy) noise Biyakos make when they've cornered their pray. The Moffit doesn't move. Fair game...

Time seems to stop as Lang launches himself into the air. The Naleaps singing in the trees take an intermission, the free-flying cherry blossoms cease to blow. Mommy's wood-chopping and screaming come to an abrupt halt, and all the world stops to honour Lang in his moment of supreme glory.

Thud. Lang's paws land on either side of the tiny Petpetpet. He places them that way on purpose, of course. He's nimble with his paws and deft with his claws, and if he wants to pounce on something without hurting it, he totally can. He would never hurt another living creature. Why should an insect have any less right to life than he does? He's been taught better, in the Shenkuuvian imperial palace.

Besides, Mommy and the family feed him far too well. What would he have done with the Moffit if he had slain it? Eaten it?

He nudges the squirming Petpetpet with his cold, pink, manly nose. "Go on," he tells it in a gentle purr. The thankful Moffit hops away, and Lang prances off in the other direction, looking for something else to pounce on.

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