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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cole
Owner: martia_elior
Pet Name: Jole
Breed: Zombie Meepit

About Cole:
I actually didn't know why I drank that potion; I felt like being invincible, nothing could ever hurt me. I was one of the strongest pets around, and I've always felt proud, and full of myself. Nothing bad could happen to me, as I would face every enemy, and defeat it! I had no mercy. When the little bottle came down rolling from the hill stopping at my feet, I just took it in my paws, and stared at its transparent content. It didn't look dangerous at all, and I wondered which effects it could have on my body. I was too arrogant to be scared, and I learned my lesson. I drank the potion in one shot, and I suddenly realized that my body was starting to change. I used to be a Pirate Draik, but I didn't feel my wings anymore, like if they were cut. And my ears weren't as big as before! My paws didn't have sharp nails anymore: they didn't have nails at all! My nose kept growing, as my tail. I touched my face and I slowly realized I became a Blumaroo, which was an interesting change! I liked the idea of bouncing around on my tail, so I started doing it. It was fun!… But my incredibly big nose sniffed a terrible smell, like if I were in the middle of a stinky swamp. I didn't understand at first, but then I noticed that my skin was a deathly pale shade of grey: I became a Zombie Blumaroo, by drinking that darn potion!

I ran to Neopia Central, hoping that Kauvara's Shop of Magic was still open. It actually was, but I smelled so much that the other customers didn't want me in the same room together with them, and I was literally thrown out of the shop in less than ten seconds. Zombie Neopets don't have many friends at the beginning, you know. I started crying; I wasn't the fierce Draik you wouldn't like to encounter in the Battledome anymore, I was just a stinky, undead creature rejected by the other people. I found myself sleeping under a bridge, or near a pile of garbage, without eating nor drinking, like a wandering soul who has nothing to gain or lose anymore.

Some days after the morph, I was roaming one of the cold, desolated paths in the Haunted Woods. My body reeked of putrefaction and my skin was incredibly rotten: no one would come nearby, for any reasons. All of a sudden, a Meepit fell down from a gnarled tree. It looked injured, with a closed eye and a big bruise around it. I could feel with my enormous nose that it smelled like me. We stared at each others for at least five minutes, then it made a limping step towards me. It didn't look scared by me at all, so I bent down and stretched my right arm in its direction. The Meepit sniffed my paw for some time, lingering on every finger; after some minutes I tried caressing it, and it let me carefully put my paw on its head. I gently pampered it between its ears, and I noticed that it closed the only eye that was opened. I thought that it was its way to tell me he trusted me; I didn't know what to do next, though. I have never had a petpet before, but now I felt I needed a friend so much! I had a better look at the Meepit; its tail was still quite fluffy, and soft, its teeth were the same as every other Meepit I have already seen in my life. Who could punch this little creature on the eye? I ripped up a band from my dirty, old shirt and gently wrapped its injured eye with the improvised bandage. I thought that Cole was a fitting name for it, so I started calling it this way.

We have always been together since that day; I discovered some good grooming products for the both of us – thanks to an Air Faerie quest! – and now we don't stink anymore. We found some nice friends after some time, Cole hasn't been hit by other petpets since the day we met, and I understood the importance of being modest, kind, and sympathetic. We definitely are happy of our new look, and wouldn't change it for any existing paint brush in Neopia!

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