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Petpet Name: Lanjelin
Owner: kalvaja
Pet Name: Naakile
Breed: Grey Faellie

About Lanjelin:
Rainbows, cotton candy, sunshine and ice cream. Yuck, who gets excited about those? At least not a grey little Faellie named Lanjelin. Naakile, the owner of Lanjelin is quite the opposite of his petpet. Naakile is always cheerful, no matter what. He loves usual things like most of us: beautiful sunsets, hanging with friends, a couple matches in the battledome and a nice big veggieburger after that. But what about Lanjelin? Who was this melancholy little grey petpet that followed Naakile where ever he went and how did these two completely opposite characters ended up together?

Lanjelin wasn't grumpy even though many neopets thought so. He was just shy and was extremely careful about things. Especially new things. He always thought something bad would happen sooner or later. Not even Naakile was able to convince him otherwise. And after a while he didn't even try to do so anymore, he knew Lanjelin wasn't going to change no matter what. But neither was Naakile.

They met twelve years ago when Naakile was just a young neopet without many friends. He was out playing when a sudden rain shower forced him to take cover under a tree. When he was sitting there he noticed a small grey faellie right next to him. Naakile didn't want to scare the petpet away and started humming in a slow soft voice. And slowly the Faellie came closer and closer. It was like he was mesmerized with Naakile's soft voice againts the rain. Eventually the rain stopped but Naakile kept on humming and the little petpet stayed there next to him. It was hours later when Naakile decided it was time to finally go back home and he cautiously stood up and hoped he wouldn't scare the petpet away. When Naakile left he noticed the Faellie was following him. Slowly and with a safety distance of course but he did follow him all the way back home.

For some reason Lanjelin trusted Naakile even though he didn't learn to trust the rest of the world. Lanjelin and Naakile grew up together and where ever Naakile goes there goes Lanjelin. He watches from the sidelines when Naakile is at the battedome fighting, he travels inside of Naakile's backpack when he shops at the Chocolate factory and when Naakile admires the sunset from a top of a hill Lanjelin is there next to him. While Naakile sees the beauty of the sunset Lanjelin is just relieved to see another day over without anything too bad happening. Twelve years together these friends have shared their own personal way of seeing the world with eachother.

Even though Lanjelin has never learned to like rainbows or cotton candy, when the night comes he knows nothing better than curling up next to his soft owner, listening to his calm humming and slowly falling asleep. And half asleep Lanjelin smiles and in that brief moment the world is perfect. And Naakile keeps on humming.

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