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Petpet Name: Charcoal
Owner: semmy_genius
Pet Name: KnightmareKrawk
Breed: Black Gallion

About Charcoal:
It was a quiet Sunday afternoon and the sound of gentle rain can be heard dancing its magical tunes on the rooftop. The warmth of the fireplace enveloped the room in a welcoming gesture to all who dwelled inside. Currently though, there was nobody but a small little dragon here. Taking the invitation, Charcoal the Gallion let out a big yawn as he curled himself up in front of the embrace of the fire.

All in all, the most perfect nap time. Not a single worry in the worl-


Suddenly a noise.

"But you said books with signatures made them more special!"

Two familiar voices can be heard from upstairs.


"Heh, I'll say it's even more valuable now that I have signed them."

Ah yes, that obnoxious tone. There's simply no mistaking it, it was his master.


The sound of booming footsteps filled the room as the steps of the staircase vibrated with each heavy stomp. Soon a rambunctious Krawk descended. Charcoal jumped up immediately and greeted the familiar sight of his master.

"Talk about a stuck-up Gelert who can't take a joke!" The Krawk known as Knight muttered to himself as he swung himself down in a rather unceremoniously fashion onto the old and exceptionally worn out sofa chair nearest to the fire. Seizing the opportunity, Charcoal flew up and burrowed himself on the lap of the Krawk.

"Besides, who wouldn't want signed copies by yours truly?"

Charcoal cooed lightly, not understanding most of what happened, but he had a feeling that his master wasn't completely in the right.

Taking the sound as a sign of agreement, Knight gently put a paw on the small Gallion and patted him lightly on the head. The little dragon delighted at the attention let out a strange sound that could only be called a purr, if a dragon can purr that is. He nudged affectionately to get his mane stroked; that's always his favorite part.

Getting the hint, Knight shifted his paw.

The Krawk ran his claws through his faithful friend's mane in a soft methodical rhythm. Charcoal closed his eyes in response as Knight relaxed at the knowledge of his friend's contentment. All the earlier tensions having been completely forgotten, the once rowdy Krawk smiled at the sight of his petpet. They continued for some time, just a Krawk slowly brushing his companion's fur next to the continuous cackling of the fire.

The brushing gradually became slower and in replacement a soft breathing can be heard.

Charcoal cracked open an eye to find that his master's head had drooped down. Not a moment later, an unwanted confirmation came in the form of roaring snores. His master had indeed fallen asleep.

The small dragon adjusted himself and nestled comfortably into the giant paw of his master like it was his own personal blanket. Charcoal knew that his owner might not be the nicest Neopet around, but at this moment he made him the happiest Gallion in Neopia and that was all that matters.

Charcoal closed his eyes and went back to what he was doing before the interruption from earlier, happier now that he got to nap next to his favorite person in the world.

Obliviously to the rain gently knocking against the window and the dying of the unattended fire, the pair slept soundly as the bond between Knightmare the Fire Krawk and Charcoal the Gallion continued to keep them warm.

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