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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bib
Owner: jhudora96
Pet Name: Hyfl
Breed: Flosset

About Bib:
It was a beautiful spring day when Hyfl, the friendliest little grape chia, decided to pack a basket full of treats with his favorite checkered blanket and head out to the park to have a picnic. Perhaps you’re wondering how such a teeny tiny neopet managed to carry this hefty load all the way to his favorite cherry tree by himself? Well, his owner Jhu had hand-crafted a miniature wicker basket and sewn cloth just to fit Hyfl perfectly!

So there Hyfl was, munching on his sweets and enjoying the fresh breeze and sunlight when suddenly, the ground began to quake! Miniature teacups began rattling, high cakes toppled over, and all of the little ants Hyfl had invited to snack with him fled the blanket and disappeared under the grass.

“What’s this?” he heard a voice say, just as a large shadow covered him and his picnic feast. He peered up and saw a curious blue creature with delicate pink wings staring down at him. Judging by the creatures tiny features and rosy cheeks, he immediately realized he was encountering one of Neopia’s shyest and rarest faerie petpets...ever! A doe-eyed, play-dough shaped, pudgy little Flosset!

“Hey!” Hyfl yelled up, forgetting for only a moment how tiny he was in comparison to this Flosset after accidentally turning himself into a grape, “Want some food?”

“Who... Who is saying that?” the Flosset asked, peering around.

“Hey! Down here! Hey!” Hyfl cried, to no avail.

The Flosset searched far and wide and eventually squatted down and discovered the tiniest set of dishes and foods he had ever seen in his life, on a little picnic blanket no bigger than the palm of his hand! This reminded the Flosset just how hungry he was, but was sad to see that the only food he could find on the blanket that wasn’t too small was a single little grape...

He picked up the grape quickly and just as he opened his mouth to stuff the delectable little piece of forgotten fruit in, he heard the same calling, “Hey! Hey, you! Put me down! I’m a Neopet! Not a fruit!”

Shocked, the Flosset peered at the fruit.

“Well, I am a fruit. But I’m ALSO a Neopet! Don’t eat me!”

“I’m so sorry!” The Flosset cried and placed Hyfl back down onto his blanket.

“It’s ok,” he said, breathing a sigh of relief, “It’s a dangerous world out there for a grape.”

“Does this happen to you often?” the Flosset wondered. Normally the Flosset was used to being the smallest creature around. Most Neopets scared him, especially after one fateful incident where a Neopet desperate for a Flosset chased the poor thing with a butterfly net! He had never encountered such a small Neopet before. Suddenly the pudgy little petpet was not shy, or scared.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Hyfl, what’s yours?”

“Bib,” the Flosset said. “Hyfl... Do you have a petpet?”

“No,” Hyfl gasped, “Most petpets would trample me just trying to give me a hug! Or eat me!”

“Well.. Well.. You see, I was wondering.. I don’t have an owner and I’m very delicate..”

“You?” Hyfl wondered, “You want to be my petpet?”

“Well.. if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, I mean, I could put you on my back when I fly and I could make sure nobody squishes you... I... I...”

“Bib!” Hyfl cried, “I would love for you to be my petpet.”

Moments later, Hyfl was spotted on the back of a Flosset flying around Neopia, heading to his new home, where he was greeted by an owner named Jhu who promised Bib full sized meals that Hyfl could not provide. From then on, Hyfl and Bib were inseperable, and never again did Hyfl fear of accidentally being eaten by another Neopet - or worse! One of his siblings!

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