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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fitz
Owner: table
Pet Name: crimsonfirespark
Breed: Royal Mallard

About Fitz:
Fitz had always been a well mannered and very connected royal Mallard, so when he was bought by a very big plushie grarrl named Padge he was sure his capacities would be put at good use. Sadly once home on Roo island the nice grarrl told him to wait at his safety deposit box and that the pet he was ment to be friends with would arrive very soon. This event took place in January 2018.

In February Fitz started to get nervous, it had been a month already. So he went outside to take a peak and bumped into Matt, Padge his Plushie Wherfy.
“Excuse me, where is Padge? I would like to discuss my future with him?” Fitz asked the slightly nervous Wherfy.
“Padge is at the neoboards along with Pinky.” Matt said as he gestured towards boats off the island all anchored near a wooden direction arrow that said “Neoboards”.
“Sorry for my ignorance, but what are the neoboards? And who is Pinky?” Fitz started to wonder where he had ended up.
Matt looked bored and said “The neoboards are a place where pets meet to talk with other pets outside their family. And Pinky is the rare faerie meerca, you know … the very round black and blue one that floats and does this annoying chanting at 3 am in to summon a good day?”

Fitz had never heard the chanting before from inside the safety deposit box and didn’t dare to ask more questions, he thanked the Wherfy and left towards the tiny harbor. There he hopped on a boat with a mutant lizard/dragon like creature that kept hissing “I am rare, I’m tier 1, worship me!” all the way until they arrived at their destination. The neoboards turned out to be rather overwhelming. A massive group of pets were grouped together holding up boards that looked like protest boards. And if you wanted to find someone you had to step up a steep staircase with a massive platform on top which was filled with binoculars. Tons of pets and pet pets flocked together on the platform to find whoever they were looking for.

The small Mallard had found Padge pretty quickly. The grarrl had a blue body with a red/pink checkboard pattern on his tummy and arms and at 2m10 tall he was pretty hard to miss. If that wasn’t easy enough to spot, Pinky was floating next to him and still singing in a faerie language. Padge was holding a board “Trading fat uc meerca for vwn t3”. Fitz finally understood everything, the famous pet trading boards! He had read tons of books about it while he had been locked away in the box. Fitz stepped between all the paws and legs and fur towards the massive shoes of Padge and he started to tug at his trousers. “EXCUSE ME, you shall not shame Pinky! And besides, badly named tier 4 pets are not worth very well named tier 3’s! Let me make you a new board!”

The grarrl was puzzled where the royal Mallard suddenly came from and he would have sworn he locked his safety deposit box! He allowed the Mallard to make a new board that said “BN T4 UC Faerie UFT for vwn T2”, when the board was painted he lifted Fitz on his shoulders and held up the board. Within the day they were hugging Pinky goodbye and greeted an ancient desert kau in her place. That day, Fitz was promoted to pound board advertised by Padge!

Sadly the Mallard his successes didn’t follow at the same speed. It took them a month and a half to swap the kau for a Mynci called Simian. Simian was very different from the kau. All day long they trained their combat skills under need the tree in their camp on Roo island. Fitz would sit on a small stool next to the Mynci while they did their exercises and made sure to note down all progress. After a full 3 months of training Fitz his progress book on the Mynci was a full 600 pages. “I think you are ready Simian” Fitz proudly announced as he held the massive book against his tiny body.

So one last time Fitz, Padge and Simian made a trip to the pound chat, using the same boat as usual and all busily chatting about how they hoped Simian would finally get their permanent home. Once at the boards Fitz held up a board himself “Real world 2100 BD pet UFT”. Someone named Marc came to the little group accompanied by a small mspp. He pointed towards the poogle and said “This is Darling, and I’m very interested in Simian”. So they hugged their goodbyes again, and shed some tears after 3 months of friendship and off was Simian. Welcome Darling!

It had been only a mere 24 hours since they said their goodbyes to Simian, eyes still teary when someone wanted to trade their majestic faerie pteri for the evil looking poogle. Fitz had become the master in trading and instantly said yes, without waiting for their grarrl friend to respond.

- At basecamp Roo island -
“So Padge, I’ve been working very hard the past months. When am I finally going to get a pet friend?” Fitz stared at the grarrl nervously.
“Hopefully soon my friend! I’ve been looking for a grey dragon to join our friend group! And he could be your friend! I feel like we are close!”, Padge sighed and hoped he was right.

A week later on the trading boards, Fitz was soaring around on Pengi the faerie pteri their back looking at all the boards. “Pengy! Look there it is, unconverted scorchio’s uft!” and they flew towards the grey scorchio holding the board.
He instantly said: “Do you have an offer for me?”
Fitz: “For you? Are you swapping yourself?”
“Yes I am. My name is Crimson. If you want me to join your family you have to take an offer to my family” and he pointed towards a group of Scorchio’s a few meters away.
Fitz jumped of Pengi’s back and ran with his tiny legs towards the group of scorchio’s. “HI! My majestic strong bird for your grey scorchio?”
The darigan scorchio nodded and pushed the Crimson away. “Congratulations on your swap you small petpet!”
Padge showed up: “Fitz, I’ve been looking for you! You can’t just fly off like that! What have you done?”
Fitz: “I have found my friend!”

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