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I am a warrior!

Pet Name: Miss_Icestorm
Owner: Littlenico
Breed: Lupe

About Miss_Icestorm:

Hi, Im Littlenico and I would really love my pet to be put up in the Pet Spotlight, I have even tried to do a drawing of her on my computer! (Yes, thats right it isnt a mindless bit of rubbish my computer errored on this page!) This is the story of Miss_Icestorm :-

One day me and my three pets Miss Saigon the poogle, Magicians Assistant the Cybunny and NicoKooKoo - who was at that time a female Kau, having heard of a new discovery in the North we decided to go visit, after much scraping we managed to get ourselves a cool (literally!) Ice Totem and we packed our bags with much needed supplies and set off!

We were all very excited and after much gawking at the beautiful icy scenery and spending most of our spending money on some yummy slushies we headed up a steep icy ridge towards the Ice Caves.

Shivering with the bitter cold, (and a bit from fear) we handed our prized Ice Totem to the huge ice Golem guarding the entrance. "Are you sure youll be okay in there?" He said gruffly, as my pets stared at his diamond ice teeth.
"Mmm. Ummm, yeah we will manage." I said shivering while Miss Saigon my poogle burrowed deeply into by thin Neopia Fashions coat and hid.
I wasnt going to turn back now to get warmer clothes, as it was much colder than I imagined. It had taken us so long to travel this far...
"I... Im scared," Whispered a posh voice in my ear.
"Shhh, dont worry," I whispered back to Magicians Assistant. "Here we are... he is letting us in now..."
The golem moved aside and as we went through we thought we heard him mutter. "I hope the Snowager does not get this lot."

I slipped as I went into the huge ice dome, it was bitterly cold now, and all my pets were huddling close to me to keep warm and gasping with admiration at the patterns of light upon the walls the huge ice crystals were creating. We started to make our way to an interesting cave in the far right of the cavern. As we walked we noticed the whole place was filled with beautiful rainbow sparkles from icicles just the right shape... There was a faint noise made from all the icicles tinkling together, a kind of music. Now we knew why this place was special. But it was very, very cold and I was wondering if my pets would mind going back....

"I... Im really, really c-c-cold..." Commented NicoKooKoo from somewhere beside me, but I couldnt tell because by now everything seemed so dark, and blurred... maybe when I reached the cave I could lie down and rest- only for a while... then.... I looked behind me and the Golem seemed so, so far away and then, then there was an awful, awful noise. I couldnt tell you how awful it was, it was like the sound of a growl near to you when you are alone camping... It was a chilling, evil sound and when I turned to see what I knew had happened everything went black.

I woke up blue with cold staring at the disaster, the entrance had been completely blocked off by a fall of ice... we were trapped and we were by now very cold....
"Here..." I managed to say to my pets through sore blue lips, " Take all the food we have left,"
We thought we'd be only out for a half-day, but by now I didnt know how long we had been in the cavern as the only light was a eerie blue light coming from the icy walls. The rainbow patterns had gone, and the tinkling music had ceased, I was very scared despite my numb brain protesting that the golem would break through the thin ice block soon, even though I knew the blockage was at least 7ft of solid ice.... We shared out all we had left, a bitten apple and half a packet of crisps... We werent going to last long if we didnt find help soon.

Pulling myself up slowly I noticed that the cave we were heading for earlier was closer than I thought, so I dragged myself and my moaning pets towards it. Reaching it we pulled ourselves inside and tried in vain to light a fire with two wet sticks, it was hopeless and I hadnt been able to afford blessings from a fearie to give to my pet so they could learn the Scorch ability. I sighed and we all huddled together.
"Do you think we will survive?" Said Miss Saigon, poking out of my wet coat.
"Of course, of course" I assured my pets who started to all talk at once "It will be okay. Dont you wo-"
I stopped short as I felt a cold breath on the back of my neck. "Did you bring your AngelPuss?" I demanded to Magicians Assistant.... then seeing her face and all my other pets faces as they stared over my shoulder, their eyes merely tiny dots I stopped....
"Ueerrrr-Uurrmmmm- S-S-Sn-Snow- a-a-a-ger!!" Shrieked NicoKooKoo.

I turned around to see bright blue eyes glowing with a tiny spot of dark red in the centre, and suddenly the huge beast lunged at me and I felt its jaws scrape against my shoulder.
"Noooooooooooooooo!" Shrieked my pets and I found myself screaming too and shielded my eyes- until the screaming stopped and I wasnt dead. Instead I heard gasps of admiration coming from my pets... Opening my eyes I saw the most amazing thing, this small Lupe cub with beautiful shimmering blue fur covered in snow was actually fighting the Snowager. It lunged and bit and growled fiercely.... It circled the huge beast with no fear and scraped at it with its claws while dodging away from the beast with miraculous timing.
"Quick!" Came a whisper in my ear, "Now's our chance! RUN!!!"
And amazingly I managed to scoop up my pets and I ran like I had never run before out of the cave and towards the sealed entrance... As I ran I felt a small figure run beside me, it was the Lupe cub and then I noticed that she wasnt covered in snow - she had the most beautiful markings Id ever seen, but now wasnt the time to stare as I reached the iced - off entrance and looked behind me... The Snowager was coming after us!!!

I looked left and right for and escape but there was none and my pets were crying. I knew there was no escape for me now... I collapsed on the ground and sobbed.

I was awakened quickly from my moment of complete despair from a tremendous heat next to me, the Lupe cub was using a very powerful scorch on the ice wall and it was melting away! A huge shaft of light revealed itself. So bright and tremendous and so wonderful I realised how dark it was in the caves. As I blinked in the sunlight, dazed behind me there was a roar and the Snowager screamed! It was bone chilling, and the next thing I knew it turned heels and fled to its dark cave.... We were saved! I grabbed the tired-out Lupe cub and Miss Saigon and NicoKooKoo and Magicians Assistant and dived through the hole...

The golem looked relieved when he saw us, he was wielding a huge pickaxe and looked tired out, I noticed that where he had been hacking at the ice he had barely gotten a few centimetres in, the ice was like rock.
"Oh, Im glad you are alright, I thought... " And his eyes widened when he saw the brave Lupe cub...
"But, now I know why you were okay!" He exclaimed scooping up the cub and inspecting her markings, "This is a descendant of Storm the Ice Warrior! The legendary Lupe who saved a village from an army of Snowagers.... Don't you know?"
I shook my head, I hadnt ever heard of him....
"Well, he was a hero in these parts, there is a statue of him it the mountaintop village!" He pointed towards the mountains where I could see a faint wisp of smoke...

And he told me the whole story while the cub curled up in his arms and fell asleep....

And that is how I got Miss Icestorm and why I want her to be in the Pet Spotlight, maybe I will be able to tell you the story of Storm the Ice Warrior, her grandfather, another time.

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