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I remember...

Pet Name: Gelthoran
Owner: peopeogirl
Breed: Nimmo

About Gelthoran:

I am a Halloween nimmo named Gelthoran. At first, my owner got me to paint me with the paint brush she found. She liked the way I looked and she still does. But it wasn't until I saved her and her friend's life that she started to love me for what I really was. Let me tell you my story.

It was a lovely day, and I was practising my battle abilities with speedslime78, a red techo(I am very honourable you know!), near my owner, peopeogirl and her friend, techo_tamer. I thought I sensed something in the trees, but I forgot about it, and that is when speedslime nailed a good kick at my head, I fell over unconscious, speedslime was hit back with his foot in his foot, then he went unconscious too. he's gotta stop using that Spring-o-Leg ya know....

I woke up to find speedslime trying to shake me awake.
"Gelthoran, Gelthoran! wake up! Peopeogirl and Techo_Tamer are gone!" He screamed in my ear so loud I had to hold it for a minute.
"Where are they? Did you see where they went?" I asked, not knowing he had been knocked out too.
"No. Right before I blanked out, I heard a chorus of evil laughter." Speedslime said with a shaky voice. "My foot rebounded. I gotta stop using Spring-o-Leg."

So we walked around endlessly. We got on the boat to mystery island to look for them there. We decided to take the tour and see if there was any clues to their disappearance. We found NOTHING! absolutely NOTHING! Wait, no, we found something. A kougra was acting strangely, its eyes were dark, attacking any sign of neopets or owners. Other than that though, NOTHING!!!!
"Common," speedslime yelled, he seems to yell alot. " There has to be something around here!" A dark shadow appeared from behind leaves and laughed, then shot up to the stars. I had thought I couldn't be afraid, that fear was just fantasy. But right then I knew it wasn't. I was petrified with fear. It looked like speedslime was too, he wasn't moving either. I suddenly put a serious look on my face, knowing it was up to me, and speedslime alone to save our owners.

We took the next space capsule up to the space station. NASA (Neopian Aeronautics and Space Administrations) said no because the ship was mostly destroyed, but we lied saying we were repair neopets to try and fix it. So we were on the ship. No kidding it was destroyed. There were no lights. control panels were out and the wires strewn everywhere. There was one room open, and the door was forced open by pure power. I was so scared I wanted to wet myself, but, I didn't. Not in front of Speedslime. O_O He's too cool. This was the first time I used my wings. I jumped off the ground and bolted with speed and power into the room. By now, I was running on pure adrenaline.

I looked into the pitch black room, my eyes hadn't adjusted yet. speedslime ran into the room. Right then coils of steel flew to him and bolted him to the closest wall. From the darkness a low voice spoke. it sounded like pure darkness mixed in with a little bit of death.
"Buahahahaha! I will love to try out my ray on this techo!" It said. I knew immediately who it was.
"Dr.Sloth! how dare you take our owners!" I screamed with pure hate. I was so mad and full with emotion I couldn't hold back the tears that were streaming down my face then.

Many lights went on and there, on the wall infront of me, was peopeogirl and techo_tamer chained to the wall. "SPEEDSLIME!" Yelled techo_tamer.
"Gelthoran help!!!!!" screamed peopeogirl. At that point, I knew those human's lives were in my hands.

I fired an explosive blast of flaming torch sending a huge blast of light across the room.
"AHHHHHH!!!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!" Sloth cried out, holding his hands over his eyes. Then the most amazing thing happened, the ship disappeared from around us, but it was still sort of there. many stars clustered together and the space faerie appeared.
She spoke with an echoing voice, very enchanting.
"Sloth, how dare you. I have vanquished you before and I will again for these humans and pets." She said, and sped over to Dr. Sloth.

There was a raging fight, which I didn't really see. I was busy freeing peopeogirl and speedslime. Speedslime freed techo_tamer.

Next time we looked, the Space Faerie was gone, as well as Dr. Sloth. Of course I got in trouble along with speedslime for lying, but made up for it by saving our owners.

That was an experience I will never forget.

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