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Pet Name: hyackly18588
Owner: icysnowe
Breed: Chomby

About hyackly18588:
The young Shoyru waited by Kiko lake, craning his neck towards the sky. He would soon be interviewing someone quite interesting. Hopefully, interesting enough to make a good story for the Neopian Times!


The Shoyru thought he saw something move within the clouds, so he directed his gaze towards the largest cloud in the sky. What emerged from it, was quite a sight to behold.

Flying towards him was not a Kiko as he had expected; instead it was a large Cloud Chomby, held afloat by two comparatively tiny cumulus wings. The wings flitted rather precariously as they carried his tremendous frame. Spotting the young reporter, his face broke out into a massive grin.

"Are you from the Neopian Times?" the Chomby called out as he steadied himself for landing. "Yes, I am — hello there! You fly very well!" the Shoyru replied with a wave.

The Chomby landed with surprising grace on a small field of flowers just a short distance away. He stood up, bounded over excitedly and extended a hand.

"I'm hyackly18588 — that's pronounced Hai-yack-lee. The numbers are silent.”

“That’s an interesting name,” the Shoyru remarked.

“Oh, it’s an old-fashioned name — just something coughed up by the notoriously glitchy random name generator. That was way back in the day. But you can just call me Hy. It's nice to meet you!"

The Shoyru shook his hand. "Likewise. I'm Garrett Granger from the Neopian Times. I must say, I'm quite nervous! I've never met a wish-granter before."

Hyackly threw his head back in a full-bellied chortle. Garrett felt confused — he hadn’t told a joke!

“First of all, don’t be nervous. I should be nervous! And secondly, is that really what you think I am?” Hyackly mused, still chuckling. "Well, I guess you could call me that, but that's not exactly what I do."

"It isn't?" Garrett was quite taken aback. "Well, all those rumours must not be true then..."

Hyackly smirked. "I don't know where those rumours come from."

"Who knows?" the Shoyru replied with a shrug. "Shall we begin the interview?"

"Wait, are you comfortable here? There isn't anywhere to sit," said Hyackly. "You're a Shoyru — you can fly, right?"

"W-well, I suppose I can fly, I mean I have wings so technically I can… Not very well though... I wish I could say I was a good flyer..."

"Great!" The Chomby flashed another wide-toothed grin and gave Garrett a reassuring pat on the back. "We'll have the interview at my place.”

“Um, o-okay,” Garrett gulped, wondering what he had gotten himself into...


“See? You did it!” Hyackly exclaimed. “Welcome to my home.”

Garrett gaped at the home he had just set foot in. He was at a loss for words. He was in a literal cloud house! Almost everything was made of clouds, from the carpet to the ceiling. Stepping onto the cloud carpet was a very odd sensation — it was soft and fluffy, yet astonishingly warm!

Hyackly offered him a seat on a cloud sofa, and he could barely believe how comfortable it was! The Chomby smiled knowingly as he offered his guest a cup of tea.

Once they had settled down, it was finally time for the interview to begin. The Shoyru started off with the question that had been on his mind since their first interaction that morning: “So what is it that you do?”

Hyackly laughed. “Well, let me give you an example. You flew up here with me today, right? And that’s not something you do very often, is it?”

“Nope,” the Shoyru replied, puzzled as to where the Chomby was taking this conversation.

“You didn’t feel very confident about it.”

“No I didn’t,” said Garrett, scratching his head.

“But you told yourself you could do it.”

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, technically I could.”

“And then you did it! Very well, I might add.”

“Oh,” Garrett replied with a smile. “Thank you. You were very encouraging and you had a bunch of tips, so that helped.”

“You’re welcome — but really, it was all you, buddy. And was it worth it, flying up here?”

“Of course! I got to see your wonderful cloud house — and interview you!”

“There you go,” Hyackly replied, breaking into his signature grin. “That’s what I do for a living.”

Garrett was confused. “Y-you bring pets on tours of your cloud house?”

“No, well — some of them,” Hyackly chuckled, shaking his head. “No, no. I help pets realise their dreams. I help them believe in what they can achieve. I give them the motivation to set out to obtain their goals.”

“Oh… Wish-granter…”

“I don’t grant wishes. I give pets the tools to grant them on their own.”

The Shoyru was finally beginning to understand.

“You might not remember, but you wished you were a good flyer earlier today,” Hyackly remarked, still grinning. “Well, you just proved to yourself that you are.”

Garrett smiled. It was true. And boy, did he have a good story for the Neopian Times that week!


The interview seemed to go by in a flash. When it was time for Garrett to leave, he turned to thank Hyackly again for his time.

“Thank you for coming,” replied the Chomby graciously.

Garrett was about to step out of the house when he realised how high he was from the ground below. His fear got a momentary grip on him.

“Garrett — you’re a good flyer, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” the Shoyru replied, remembering his feat that day. "Thanks, wish-granter."

And with that, Garrett knew he could do it. Off he flew into the sky, his fear dissipating in an instant...

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