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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: dontknow53
Owner: mucka33
Breed: Pteri

About dontknow53:
Sakhmet is absolutely bustling today. A market is taking place in the main area of town, and pets with their owners and petpets are milling about in search of the best products and prices. Lost in the turbulence, it takes you several minutes to regain your senses and cautiously enter the throng. You don’t want to get swept away in the wave of people, after all.

The first booth to catch your eye displays pottery of all shapes, sizes, and colours. A few others are browsing the booth, so you join them and start looking at the fancy jugs.

“Looking for anything in particular?” An Acara smiles at you from behind the vases. You almost didn’t see her past the eye-catching designs and intricate work put into the pottery.

“Oh umm…no thanks,” you mumble, caught slightly off-guard. Though the jugs and vases are pretty, you would rather not have to carry them back to your place.

“No worries. Have a great day!” she waves cheerily as you move back into the crowd and continue along. After a few more minutes of window-shopping, your eye catches sight of a booth selling vibrant tchea fruits. Your stomach grumbles and you can’t help but agree: the fruit looks delicious. Plus, you have some neopoints to spare, why not buy something? You break away from the crowd and approach the tantalizing display.

“Good day,” a Pteri chirps from behind the fruit. Tearing your eyes away from the tchea fruits, you face the speaker. He’s a Faerie, but wears distinctly-familiar desert clothing. You can’t help but notice his friendly eyes are green in stark contrast to his beige and pink feathers.

“I uh…hi,” you stammer weakly, your cheeks flushing. You inwardly kick yourself; why are you so shy? Luckily the Pteri doesn’t seem to notice anything amiss, and smiles at you while tilting his head.

“Can I interest you in a tchea fruit? Today they’re only 150 neopoints,” he explains. You shuffle through your neopoints and pull out a few coins, thrusting them at the Pteri. He nods and takes the coins, slipping them somewhere behind the stand. “Go on, pick any one that you want,” he prompts, after watching you stand there awkwardly for a few seconds. You lower your head in embarrassment and focus on picking out a fruit, making doubly sure not to make eye contact. They all look perfect, especially given the desert heat today, so you grab one at random at take a bite. It tastes just as good as you imagined.

“Where do you get these?” you can’t help but wonder aloud. The few tchea fruits you’ve tasted before have never been this sweet.

“I source them locally around Sakhmet. Some are shipped off to be sold across Neopia, but truth be told, the best ones are kept here. They can ripen a little more before being picked, so they end up tasting sweeter.” He’s all business and smiles as he explains this to you. You nod thoughtfully, still chewing on the tchea fruit. You finish your mouthful before speaking.

“Have you been here long?” you ask, hiding behind the small fruit.

“Almost twelve years now. I’m only here on the weekends to sell tchea fruits. I live in Neopia Central, along with the rest of my family and my owner. If you’re ever around, you should come visit. We love having guests over.” You’re taken aback by the generosity this Pteri shows to complete strangers. It’s a little bizarre, really.

“I’ll consider it. Thanks um…” you hesitate.

“Oh, my apologies, I never introduced myself. I’m Dontknow.” He extends his wing for a handshake.

“You…don’t know?” Your confusion is plain. He chuckles shyly.

“No uh…that’s my name, Dontknow. I didn’t choose it, my old owner did.” He gives a small shrug and a half-smile. You can’t help but feel a little bad for him, but he doesn’t seem too upset by the name.

“Well, it was uh…great to meet you, Dontknow. I’ll let you know if I’m around Neopia Central, thanks,” you shake his wing and turn to leave.

“Have a great day now,” the Pteri calls out as you walk away. You take one last look over your shoulder as the crowd closes around you, and all you see is his permanent smile and friendly wave as he disappears from sight.

Later, looking back on the day, you vow to return to the market next weekend. Those tchea fruits were amazing.

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