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Pet Name: Geosamatic
Owner: blazingcatwings
Breed: Krawk

About Geosamatic:
My name is Geosamatic, and I am a Robot Krawk. I don’t live in the typical place for robots- I live in a bog.

Now let me tell you, it was all fine and good living there until I decided on a whim to visit Dr. Sloth’s lab ray. And after the fact, I thought it was pretty cool. Robot, wow!! I had all these cool gears and pistons and radical green metal armor.

I did think it was cool, up until I got home. Do you have any idea what a bog does to mechanical things? It is a NIGHTMARE! Water gets into your metal sheaths and if it touches just one wire, maybe you can’t move your arm the next day- or your leg, or your mouth.

And don’t get me started on the rust. I can do my very best to stay out of the water, but the air is so thick and wet that it gets to me anyway. Rust, rust, and more rust. My beautiful metal coat was soon rugged and ruined with rust.

All my friends, Quiggles, Nimmos, and other Krawks, they told me it would probably be best if I left. Go to the Space Station, they said. Live on Kreludor! Those are nice, dry, techy places where robots are welcome. So I guess I’m not welcome here in the bog anymore? Well, the environment certainly did its best to make it seem that way.

Or, they said, just change your color. We’re not faeries, we aren’t stuck the way we are forever. If being a robot is so troublesome, then change! I always thought camouflage was a pretty cool color for krawks...

I was a bit disheartened. Robot was a rare and special color, but I loved where I lived just a bit more. So I set out to leave and find myself a paint brush.

Camouflage was a pretty difficult brush to find, so I finally settled on a blue one- the color I was before. Fitting, I was feeling pretty blue. Did you know Robot Krawks’ eye color changes to blue when we’re sad? Well, that’s how I learned.

I headed back to the bog and thought about it, turning the brush over in my hands. It was quiet, and the lightmites were buzzling around with their luminous glow. They were one of my favorite things about the swamp. I could hear my armor scraping with rust, and decided it was time. There was just no choice!

But then I heard a splash in the water. I looked up to see the golden locks of a Water Faerie as she came above the surface. She was looking right at me.

“What’s wrong, little Krawk?”

“I have to get rid of my new color,” I told her. “I just can’t live here being made of metal.”

“That’s too bad,” she said. “You look quite dashing!”

“I think so too!”

She looked at me for a moment, and then told me, “Wait here, I’ll be right back.”

She disappeared beneath the water, and then a moment later she was back. She had something in her hands.

“Here,” she smiled. She handed me an… Asparagus Scarf? Despite having been underwater, it felt completely dry. “Put it on!”

I did as she said, and instantly felt different. The rust in my joints was gone! I looked myself over and didn’t even notice as the mischievous faerie pulled me into the water with her.

“Ahhh!” I yelled. I was soaked! Except… I wasn’t! I didn’t feel wet at all. No sparks, no flooding of my wirey limbs.

The Water Faerie gave me one last smile and disappeared into the deep. I pulled myself out of the water. It fell off me like there was some kind of barrier around me. I looked at the scarf, glowing so slightly. The Water Faerie had enchanted it. I nearly jumped for joy. I realized I could both be a robot and stay right where I was. This was fantastic!

Sometimes when you change, your surroundings have to change too. But sometimes, you can make do with a little help and a little luck. I gave that blue paint brush away and never removed that enchanted scarf. And that’s the story of how I became the first Robot Neopet to live in a swamp!

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