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Pet Name: snoooow
Owner: fuzzy_doctor
Breed: Bori

About snoooow:
Have you ever heard of a Bori having the appetite of a Grarrl?
Long ago, there lived a young Bori, who was lovingly called Snow. His gorgeous, pure white fur… Wait a minute, that’s not right. You see, this young Bori had such an affinity for pumpkins that his fur was always sticky and orange! It may seem a bit silly, but his every meal had to include pumpkins, or he would simply refuse to eat it. Oh, how he loved pumpkins! He had fresh sliced pumpkins for breakfast, a pumpkin sandwich for lunch, roasted pumpkin seeds for a snack, pumpkin stew for supper, and a tasty dessert of pumpkin pie to top it all off. He would eat pumpkins all day, if he could.
Snow was a rather picky eater, as you could likely tell. Unfortunately, this lead to his family becoming broke rather quickly. As Snow and his parents lived in the heights of Terror Mountain, pumpkins were rather expensive, being impossible to grow in the frigid cold. His mother would search up and down for Neopoints, digging through couch cushions and keeping her eyes on the ground for some spare change at all times. His father was always on the lookout for odd jobs, with more bad luck finding them than good. Sadly, the family of Boris simply couldn’t make ends meet. Snow would have to do without pumpkins.
Snow’s mother broke the news to him as gently as possible. He was heartbroken. Suddenly, what seemed to be a Bori with a bottomless pit for a stomach did not have an appetite at all. Snow’s stomach growled viciously, angrily rejecting any and all food offered to it. There was but one delicacy Snow could eat, and it wasn’t available to him any longer. For three days and three nights, he ate nothing.
The young Bori shunned his poor family for this, angrily accusing them of starving him. One cold, wintery night, he snuck out of the small, cozy shack his family resided in, and faced the frigid weather. His fur, now pure white once more (as he licked his paws clean of pumpkin in his desperately hungry state) camouflaged him in his icy surroundings. Snow slowly trekked down the mountain. There was one place he knew he could eat once more. His memories cozily held an image of a pumpkin patch, deep in the Haunted Woods. He had been there once as a child, accompanied by his parents, able to pick all of the pumpkins they pleased. He sighed, remembering the day fondly, wishing he could now be eating fresh pumpkins directly off the stems.
Little did he know, he was not alone.
After several days, a starving Bori shakily dragged himself into a patch of pumpkins. His dirty, ruffled, lifeless fur was stained orange with life as he vivaciously gorged himself on the pumpkins that surrounded him. He ate and ate for what seemed to be days, the happiest he had ever been. Ahh! What better could he have asked for? Why, he could live here his entire life.
Snow was startled from his joyous trance and snapped back to reality by a footstep crunching behind him. He whipped his orange head around to see a looming figure staring down upon him. Snow shrunk in fear.
“…Is it really worth it? Is this all you care about?” A raspy voice came from the figure, dripping with anger. “You would abandon your family coldly… Just for some pumpkins?”
Snow couldn’t reply. It seemed as though his mouth was sealed shut. He suddenly wished he was at home, cuddling with his mother and father, warm and safe. He hadn’t realized how cruel he had been to his poor parents, who were always trying to make him happy. Dread filled his heart, and he was overcome with guilt.
The figure’s eyes glowed. “…You’re sickening.”
Some say the Bori still resides in that very pumpkin patch, cursed to forever remain there. He is now sickened by the very sight of pumpkins. Those who enter claim they hear a young Bori weeping, to this very day…
Let this be a lesson to you. Never let your desires take over your life, or you will regret it deeply.

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