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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Song
Owner: mrsuzumakie
Breed: Xweetok

About Song:
Early morning, Monday. Light began to creep it’s way into a small, green room, peeking it’s way past soft, golden curtains. The sun was just beginning to embrace the kingdom of Brightvale, bringing warmth on the mid-winter morning. From under heavy quilts and amid a nest of pillows, rustled a young, freckle-faced, faerie xweetok, named Song.
Song sat up slowly as she rubbed the sand from her tired eyes. Her mint green hair cascaded around her in long, messy curls. She was always the first to rise in her family, so it was no surprise to her that the house was still quiet. The birds hadn’t even woken yet, though most of them had flown south for the season. Song breathed in and smiled. A beautiful morning, she thought to herself. She looked down: At the edge of the bed sat a pair of carefully placed fuzzy slippers. Song gently tucked her little feet into them, one foot at a time, and gilded about her room preparing for the day ahead.
Upon her dresser sat the first thing to greet her every morning: a list. Everyday of the week detailed a different set of chores she would task herself with and different things she would do that day. This morning she would take care of the floors and rugs. Her parents owned a small tapestry shop, so “rugs” included making sure the family’s wares were spotless and neatly displayed. Song headed to the downstairs broom closet and quickly gathered her materials for a morning of cleaning.
It wasn’t long before the, now damp and dirty, xweetok retreated to her bedroom. She didn’t have much time to get ready but she had much more planned for the day ahead, as foretold by her list.
Next stop would be school. Always school. In Song’s mind, grades came before everything, even meals sometimes. She spent long hours at night studying; determined to stay in the top 10 of her school’s student rankings. She had always made sure to aim a little lower than first because she feared holding the spotlight. So second place was usually her favorite.
As she packed her bag and finished putting on her uniform, a round, pink and blue ball rolled up against her ankle. Surprised, the faerie xweetok tried to keep her laugh muffled in her hands. Flaan, Song’s faerie Yooyu, typically stayed home during the off-seasons of yooyuball but must have changed it’s mind that day. Song quickly grabbed her sports bag and opened it for her pet to roll inside. Just like that, they were ready to face the day.

As the list noted: first period was AP History. This week would cover Altadorian history, but Song had already covered those chapters weeks ago. Song’s favorite subject was Literature but the class itself wasn’t very exciting. Faerie-written fantasies were her favorite but most of the school’s curriculum would only cover the Neovian or Brightvalean classics. She had a few other classes, including, AP Alchemy and Biology, but she had managed to finish the course work for those and was officially pardoned from attending for the rest of the semester.
With all the time she spent studying, the xweetok didn’t have many friends, especially since she had usually rushed home or to work immediately after school was over. Song was noticed by others for her class ranking but remained a wallflower for the majority of academic career... that is, until she joined her school’s yooyuball team.

Three years ago, during Song’s 9th grade year at the school, she was advised by a student counselor to add an extracurricular as an addition to her class schedule. The counselor gave Song a list of school clubs and sports but none of them immediately jumped out at her. In fact, none of them seemed interesting at all; which she had tried to explain to the counselor. However, a month later, she would find herself padded in yooyuball gear, sitting in her first practice with the first real friends she had made since she started school in Brightvale.
There was Larmei, her best friend and head cheerleader of the school’s cheerleading squad.
There was the captain, Squeaky, who would eventually become the left-defender of Brightvale’s official Altador Cup yooyuball team and then later transfer to play for Roo Island’s team.
There was Ethic, the goalie who only played for a season but came back to watch their matches.
There was Jen, Chrissy, Finn, Wesley, and so many more amazing people she met in her three years of playing for her school’s team...
And of course there was Flaan, her faerie yooyu.

Song looked down and smiled at the second bag in her arms. Flaan, still rolled up, wiggled happily at the attention. Yooyuball season wouldn’t officially begin for another few weeks, but Song had many friends to go see. They always practiced early but it was mostly an excuse for all of them to hang out and play together.
At one point in time, Song’s only goal had been to get good grades and continue to help out around the house to appease her family. She had no real hobbies to speak of and no close friends to really speak to. Yet now, she dreamed of joining an official Altador Cup team and spends a lot of her time trying to socialize with her friends.
After practice, they would all go meet at a local cafe, which was now their usual gathering location. Larmei had coincidentally brought along her pet today too; her water yooyu named Pomo.

The faerie xweetok brought her pace up from a walk to skip, excited about getting to see her friends again. Song had a list of things she would do today. This part was her favorite.

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