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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Krenilen
Owner: jeanawei1234
Breed: Peophin

About Krenilen:
I opened my eyes wearily, taking in my surroundings. I was in a light blue room; a young girl was standing beside me, staring at my face with curiosity. I couldn't help but let out a small shriek.

The girl leaned back and smiled, and then she said: "Hi Krenilen! I'm Jeana, it's so nice to see a beautiful peophin in my family. You're my first pet and I'm sure you'll love staying with me." I smiled up at her, liking her immediately.

That day, she took me out of the room, which I learned to be the creating center and led me to her neohome. "Its not big since I don't have much NPs now, but soon I'll add more furniture and expand it." She told me as she fit a small slender key into the door and pushed it open.

I quickly peered inside curiously. The room really wasn't as small as she said it was, there was a table in the center, 4 small chairs surrounding it, a small kitchen, a bathroom, a cupboard, a small sofa and two beds by the side. A reading lamp was attached to each of the beds.

This is…nice." I said as I walked in and sat down on a bed. My owner nodded eagerly and set her bag on the table before walking into the kitchen. I watched my owner's every move as she took out some drinks and two burgers. "Come on! I know you must be hungry, why not eat first before we do anything else?" I had to admit that that idea sounded nice. I pulled out a chair, sat down and began munching on the burger. I listened quietly as my owner blabbed on. "I know you're going to be just perfect. I will read books to you, train you, paint you, customize you and give you a petpet! Oh now won't that be great? Hm?" she said as she stared off at the wall. Everything sounded great and I couldn't wait to get started. When my owner saw my excited look, she chuckled. "Now not so fast, my dear. First, I'll have to earn more NPs. You get yourself ready for bed, it's getting pretty late already." She said as she walked off to get ready. I nodded and went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and finally brushed my beautiful mane.

Just as I climbed into bed, my owner came back. She sat down beside me and turned on the lamp. Then, she told me a little about herself. Her stories were so fascinating! But before long, my eyelids got heavy and she kissed me and went to her bed. Before long, we both started snoring.

The next day, Jeana took me to Neopia Center, gave me a thousand neopoints and went to the arcade to earn more neopoints. I browsed around for a long time, amazed by the fantastic things that I've never seen before, it was truly amazing.

Then, I walked to the petpet shop to search for a petpet for myself. Nothing seemed too interesting so I decided to come back late. After awhile, I got tired of walking and bought a smoothie and a donut. Sitting down at a bench, I began eating and watching the people walk by.

An hour later, Jeana came back and we went home. She announced to me that she had made ten thousand neopoints today and she could buy some more furniture. Then, she asked me what I did today. "Oh not much. I went to the petpet shop, but couldn't find the right petpet. I then bought some snacks and watched people come by." I told her.

That night, I slept fast for I was extremely tired from all the walking. When I woke up, I could smell the delicious aroma of hot pancakes. I quickly got dressed and tottered to the table. Sitting down, we both had a quick, but delicious breakfast.

Jeana then told me her plan about creating a shop. "We can sell all the stuff we get from random events or other stuff we get. This way, we will earn more money." She told me. I volunteered to be the shopkeeper and Jeana was very grateful.

We arranged the shop so it looked pretty and put some items we don't need in the shop. After a days work, I opened the shop till and counted the neopoints. "How much did we earn?" Jeana asked excitedly. I counted up the last few neopoints and my eyes widened. "We earned twenty thousand neopoints today! Wow!" I exclaimed happily. We were both very happy and were eager to restock the shop with goodies Jeana had got today.

The next day, Jeana told me to come and visit the pound chat board with her. I agreed and was very curious as to what the pound chat board was. When we got there, I could see lots of people, screaming at the top of their lungs and waving people to their boards. "This is where people trade and pound pets." Jeana explained to me. I nodded, but then, a horrible thought crossed my mind. Was Jeana going to trade me? Jeana must have seen my horrified look for she said, "Don't worry Krenilen, I'm never ever going to trade or pound you." Then she kissed me. I felt slightly embarrassed, but very happy.

After walking around for awhile, my owner spotted a Gifting board. We entered the board and saw lots of people crammed inside, talking. My owner spoke to the board maker and pointed to me a lot. Then the guy walked over and petted me. They talked for a bit more and I could see Jeana smile.

Soon, Jeana came back and she was holding a Christmas Paint Brush, of course, I didn't know about it and didn't know what it was for. "That kind user gave this paint brush to me. He liked you and hoped that you can be painted Christmas!" I was very excited and my owner led me away from the pound chat and to Neopia Center. Come on Krenilen! We'll go to the Rainbow Pool and get you painted!" Jeana told me as she grabbed my hoof and particularly dragged me to the pool.

I carefully stepped in and my owner painted me gently with the magical brush. When I stepped out of the Rainbow Pool, I had dark green fur and a white mane. Behind one ear was a pretty mistletoe and around my neck was a gorgeous red satin bow. I twirled around happily and Jeana laughed.Wow! Look at you Krenilen!" She told me. I smiled and was still fascinated by my new coat of paint. We walked home happily together, chatting about what to do tomorrow.

The next day, Jeana took me the book store and we shopped for lots of books to read at bedtime. We got tired and ate a hotdog together at Hubert's Hotdog. "You know, I've been thinking about training you. But I know that most female neopets can't take the hard work. Are you willing to become a battle dome pet?" Jeana asked me as we finished the last bite of the hotdog. I was excited by this idea and was willing to do the hard work. We took a boat to Mystery Island and visited the training place.

Jeana hired a shopkeeper to take over for me and from that day on, I would go training every day while Jeana earned Neopoints. Then at night Jeana would read me a bedtime story. With all the neopoints Jeana earned, we expanded our shop and our neohome, and bought more comfortable furniture.

Then one day, Jeana came home holding yet another paint brush. This time, a snow paint brush. "I was strolling through the pound chat boards and was lucky enough to get this snow paint brush from a very kind user on a wish list board. I thought you might like another paint job!" Jeana explained to me. I was very excited, but I was also slightly worried, "But I really like my mistletoe and bow, I will lose them if I get repainted won't I?" Jeana laughed. "Don't worry, I checked with some neopians and they said that any wearable obtained by painting will still be kept." I was satisfied and agreed to be painted again.

The second time I stepped out of the Rainbow Pool, I was a beautiful snow peophin. I had a pure white body made out of snow, leafs as a mane and two pretty black rocks for my eyes. Jeana helped me put the bow and mistletoe back on and I looked stunning.

The days flew by fast and I grew older, wiser, smarter and stronger. Jeana had stopped earning money 24/7 and spent more time playing with me. Jeana always bought the neopian times and read the news. I enjoyed reading the many interesting stories other users had written and liked the different changes being made at Neopets. One day, after an exciting plot, a new color, magma came out. Jeana had visited the pool and saw previews of all the pets in the color magma. When she saw how pretty the magma peophins looked, Jeana was very excited and wanted to paint me magma.

After a few days, Jeana found out that by waiting at the magma pool until the guard is asleep, you can paint any one of your pets the color magma. So from then, Jeana waited at the magma pool almost all day and sometimes even night. When I come to see her and bring her some lunch,(for the Moltara food was seriously gross), I could see dark circles around her eyes. Then one day, Jeana got as she wished: the guard was asleep.

Excited, she quickly dragged me over and told me that I could finally get painted magma. I was slightly hesitant as the red and orange magma bubbled in the pool and hissed slightly with the heat, but when I jumped in, what greeted me was not scorching hot, but sort of like the rainbow pool except way more sticky.

When I went to bed that night, my whole body was reddish black with a blazing red-orange mane. But I was slightly different from all the other magma peophins. While they had red eyes, I had soft gold colored eyes. Amazingly, the magma surrounding my body did not burn anything and I continued to wear the same mistletoe and bow I got in the first paint job.

Soon, Jeana got more different colored peophins. She adored each peophin, but in her heart, I was always her favorite. Jeana still went to the pound chat daily and sometimes when she came back, she would be holding a new piece of art drawn by another user for me and put it on my petpage. Over the months, my petpage already contained many different pieces of art.

When the Faerie's Ruin plot came, my owner trained me even harder and I participated in the battle, fighting all kinds of evil shadows and sometimes even helping my owner solve some of the hard puzzles. Sometimes when I got hurt from battling or sad, Jeana always bought dozens of healing potions and more powerful weapons, buying more toys for me so I was always happy.

I was extremely happy living with Jeana and was never jealous of other people or pets. One night, Jeana told me, "Krenilen, I would never ever trade you, not even for a draik, a krawk or even the rarest UC pet in the whole of Neopia!" I nodded and told her that I loved her aswell.

Then a few days later, Jeana lost all her neopoints to the stock market and she was unhappy and miserable. Even when I nudged her and tried to tell her a joke, she would just push me away and tell me to play with my siblings. I felt sad that I couldn't make my owner, the one who loved me the most, happy. Then, I had an idea.

That night, when all my siblings and my owner were asleep, I took out some colored paper and crayons. That night, I worked hard and barely slept, I wanted to give my owner the best gift ever.

The next morning, I went to the kitchen where Jeana was making breakfast, I handed over a thin flat package with the words, "To Jeana, from your favorite pet." Jeana was very surprised and told me to bring the gift to the table. She wiped her hands and quickly came over. Jeana slowly ripped open the package and gasped; inside lay a scrapbook. She took it and flipped through the pages, it was full of drawings of me and Jeana, earning our hard earned neopoints and having all the fun together. Tears came to Jeana's eyes and she hugged me tightly. Thank you Krenilen, I love you." She told me in a slightly raspy voice. I nodded and hugged her back, hoping that she would be ok. "I would never be upset again. I know I would earn more neopoints later on, just like before. Oh I'm so sorry for being upset with you, please forgive me." She said as she wiped her tears.

After that day, Jeana recovered and was cheerful again. All of her pets helped her earn more neopoints and we soon got more neopoints. Jeana started collecting avatars as well and soon, we all forgot about that tear-filled day.

And maybe you were wondering about the scrapbook? Well the scrapbook that I gave Jeana forever stayed on her bedside table.

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