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Pet Name: Soaring_Comet
Owner: chasing_stars44
Breed: Kyrii

About Soaring_Comet:
The wind was howling louder than you could have imagined. The sky was getting darker and grayer by the minute. The snow was coming down faster than ever. All of the trees looked exactly the same.

You were lost.

Everybody in Shenkuu warned you about walks through the woods at this time during winter. They said it wasn't safe, they said it was easy to get lost, they said it would be impossible to spend the night in the elements.

But no, you just had to take a walk through the woods. You couldn't help it, everything was so pretty during this time of year. Shenkuu was a really nice land in general, but everything looked almost mystical with all the snow.

If the Shenkuuvian residents were right about how harsh the winters were, maybe they were right about the other things they told you...

While you were in Shenkuu, you've been hearing about all sorts of creatures and Neopets that linger in the night. Parasols with faces, shadows formed from nothing, figures that lead others astray during winter storms-

You'd rather not think of the last one while you were out here. Right now, you just needed to think about getting back to your inn and warming up with a cup of nice, warm-

"Are you lost?"

You nearly jumped out of your boots at the sound of the question. You quickly turned around to see a Kyrii. She was glowing blue. She had long cyan hair and shiny purple eyes. A red parasol was over her head, protecting her from snow.

One thing you were focused on was her clothes. She was only wearing a thin looking kimono and some simple shoes. Despite only wearing those, she didn't appear cold.

"Are you lost?" she repeated, this time sounding more stern.

You shakily nodded and replied with, "Y-yes, I'm lost."

"You are awfully far from any of the paths. Where are you headed?"


"That is what I thought." She turned in some random direction and started walking. "Come with me."

You were rather skeptical about this. That story of the Neopets leading others astray in winter storms came back to you. What if this was one of those Neopets?

Then again, you were already hopelessly lost. What else did you have to lose?

You began to walk with the Kyrii. Her gaze was fixed in the direction she was walking in. As she appeared busy, you began to examine her. She looked cool and collected, as if the snow wasn't affecting her. Now that you thought about it, it didn't appear the snow wasn't even touching her anywhere.

"You know, staring is rude," the Kyrii sternly said.

"I'm sorry," you quickly apologized. "If you don't mind me asking, do you have a name?"

The Kyrii slowly shook her head. "I do not have a name. I do not see the point in having one. However, you may call me Comet if that makes things easier."

You nodded. "Comet, that's pretty. My name is-"

"Do not tell me your name. I do not need to know it."


You and Comet remained quiet for some time. As you walked, you looked around at the trees. Each of the trees still looked the same and nothing looked familiar.

"Comet, I've heard stories back in Shenkuu about all sorts of cryptids. Do you know if they're true?" you found yourself asking. You didn't mean to say that out loud.

Comet glanced at you. Her glare sent a shiver down your spine. "Yes, they are true," she said simply.

"A-and are you one of them?"

"Yes, I am. Why do you ask?"

"I was just thinking about one about Neopets that lead other away during snow storms-"

"And you are wondering if I am one?" She sighed. "Yes, I am."

That was what you were afraid to hear. Your first thought was to run, but you had the feeling something bad would happen if you did.

"I know you are thinking of running. You were already lost. What harm could I do to you then?" Comet said.

"You could be leading me further from Shenkuu," you argued.

"You can trust me if you want. If you do not, you can leave."

Leaving seemed like a very good idea, but you couldn't help but continue walking with her. "So these cryptids, including you, they're all real. Is that right?"

Comet nodded. "Yes, they are real. You are walking with two right now."

Two? Two cryptids? Comet was the only one with you. You began to look around. Once your eyes hit the parasol, you realized it had a face. You jumped at the sight. The parasol began to cackle.

"Oh, please be quiet, I am not in the the mood," Comet said, sounding rather annoyed. She spun the parasol around. The parasol quickly became quiet.

You smiled uneasily and rubbed the back of your neck. "I thought everybody made those stories up," you informed.

"Everybody does at first. You have to have quite the imagination to make up everything that you were told, though."

"Is it true that you lead other Neopets away from paths in snowstorms?"

"I usually do, but I felt nice tonight."

You looked in front of you again. You saw lantern lights and outlines of buildings. You were back at Shenkuu. Comet actually brought you back to Shenkuu.

"You actually-" you said to yourself before stopping. You turned to Comet. "Comet, thank you-"

When you turned to her, you saw she wasn't there. You looked around a little more. She was gone without a trace. You looked down in the snow. There was only one set of footprints. Was she really there? Was that just your imagination?

It didn't matter. You made it back to Shenkuu. That was all that mattered right now. You eagerly ran through the streets and towards the inn to get some sleep and think about what happened.

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