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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Forsakenly
Owner: asphydel
Breed: Scorchio

About Forsakenly:
The Darigan Citadel rises up, high above you. All around it sprawls a maze of a city, full of houses and shops. Anything from small restaraunts and bakeries to large general shops, from trade businesses to cafes, from toy shops to libraries. Everything and more can be found in this dark and mysterious city.

After wandering around shopping, you suddenly find yourself before an old wooden door with rusted iron details all along it. A faded image is painted on it, but it's hard to make out. It looks like it could be the outline of a castle, maybe? The more you stare at it, the more it seems to fade in and out, almost pulsating... even changing shapes.

"What is this?" You wonder out loud to yourself. "Some kind of... magic?"

You feel a pull towards the door, like whatever lies beyond is beckoning you forward. You hesitate for just a moment longer before giving it a push.

It swings in quickly, almost as if anticipating your move. You step over the threshold and are greeted by an array of alluring aromas: a tantalizing smokey incense with notes of coffee and leather, juniper and hawthorne and just a hint of cinnamon.

A giant of a Scorchio steps in front of you, and you stare up in awe. He is intimidating. Dark, but glistening bright purple scales cover his body and he has sharp spikes on top of his head that run down his back to the tip of his tail. His red eyes pierce into yours.

You give a weak cough while trying to clear your throat, but all you manage is to mumble. "I... err... umm?"

The Scorchio can't take it anymore and busts out laughing at your obvious discomfort. He slaps you on the back jovially. "Come friend!" he says to you while motioning you forwards.

This sudden turn of events freezes you in place for a moment, but the Scorchio beckons you. He leads you to the back of the room, past many a table with all sorts of spiked, purple denizens surrounding them. There are several large tables off to the side, pushed together and occupied by a rowdy bunch. They let out a collective cheer as you pass, startling you.

As you start to stumble, the Scorchio reaches down and sets you upright again. "Oh don't worry about them," he says to you. "During the Altador Cup, we get big groups of Citadel supporters in here, celebrating their victories. A great bunch, they are!" He gives the group a wave, causing them to cheer once again.

You hurry past the crowd and soon notice that on the other side, there are plush chairs and couches set in smaller groups of twos and threes, hosting several groups quietly reading and chatting. It actually looks rather inviting and cozy.

While the light is rather dim in places, lit only by simple lanterns and small hovering candles, it sets the mood just perfectly. It is enough to enjoy a meal or read aloud from a page, but dark enough to offer a sense of comfort and perhaps anonymity.

The Scorchio motions you to a stool as he passes by the bar and steps behind it. "Can I offer you a drink? You look rather... parched." He grins at this, though his sharp teeth make him look more menacing than hh probably intended. "Coffee? We even have decaf!" he says, holding up a winged purple mug. "Or, how about a Jinjah ale or maybe a Gallion grog?"

He looks at you expectantly.

"Umm, maybe... maybe just a tea?" You ask timidly.

"Sure thing, coming right up!" The Scorchio snaps his fingers and points to you, and a magical floating tea pot comes dancing over, followed by a matching cup. They hover in front of you for a moment before settling on the bar counter.

You pour a cup, holding it with both paws under your nose and savoring the aroma. After taking a taste, you start to feel quite relaxed. This isn't such a bad place, just strange and new and mysterious. Looking up at the Scorchio, you ask, "Who are you? And what is this place?"

He laughs, a great thundering sound. "I am Forsakenly."

"And welcome, newcomer, to Darigan After Dark."

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