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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Rushing_Fairy_Rose
Owner: immediately
Breed: Cybunny

About Rushing_Fairy_Rose:
The sound of soft sobbing guides you through the blossoming orchard. The rows of flowering trees all look the same, and the only way you know that you're actually making headway is that the crying seems to be getting louder. Finally you arrive at a clearing and the source of the sobs. The clearing is round and covered in lush spring grass with tiny specks of budding flowers sprinkled everywhere. If that were all, this clearing would be magnificent in its own right, but what made it truly remarkable was the extensive decoration. There were multicolored streamers and balloons everywhere, and in the center was an extravagant table covered in delicious delectables just waiting to be tasted! Anyone could see that this was to be the spot for a wonderful party, but there were no guests. Only a single sad little Royal Cybunny sat at that beautiful table, and she was crying her eyes out.

Feeling a sense of duty rush into you, you approach to the poor thing and try to console her.

"Why are you crying at such an amazing party?" You ask as you hand her a tissue.

Blowing her nose loudly, she looks up at you with tear filled eyes and says, "I made this great party and nobody showed up! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

Knowing you had to do something before the entire party was flooded with cybunny tears, you interject, "I'm here, and I'd love to enjoy this party with you!"

The Cybunny stopped crying and looked up at you, beaming. "Oh, you will? YAY! *sniff* I thought my hard work would have been all in vain!" She jumped up, wiping her tears away and hands you an invitation. Graciously, you accept the invitation, but when you open it, you start to get a clue as to why no one showed up at her party…

The invitation read, "You are cordially invited to Rushing_Fairy_Rose (Rosie's) first annual tea party! COME OR ELSE!!!!!!" Then the date and time were written at the bottom.

After reading that rather persuasive invitation, you feel the main problem was not this little Cybunny's loneliness, but her manners. As you turn to address her, you notice that she has put on a little crown and taken the largest seat at the center of the table.

"Ahem! My name is Rushing_Fairy_Rose, but all of my loyal subjects may address me as Rosie!" She pauses here and glances your way. "Welcome to my fabulous tea party! All of these lovely treats are for you, my dear guests! But be sure to ask permission before taking any, OR ELSE! Once we are done eating, we will have party games and music!" Rosie seemed like a completely different Cybunny from when you first met her. She was regal and refined…and a little bit bossy.

Meekly, you try to catch her attention before she stuffs a Carrot Cupcake into her mouth. "Um, Rosie, I think we should talk about this party." You say, trying to gather your words in the most diplomatic manner. You did NOT want to find out what the 'OR ELSE' she kept referring to really meant. Merrily, she jumps off of her chair to land right beside you, eyes glittering with delight as she hands you a Carrot Cupcake as well.

"Are you enjoying my party, Commoner?" She asks. "Usually my parties are reserved for the most exclusive of guests, but in your case I have made an exception."

"Rosie, I think your invitation was too mean." You blurt out clumsily. So much for diplomacy!

Shocked, Rosie stared at you blankly. It was obvious she did not understand what you meant. "What do you mean? I've been nothing but cordial to you. Are you stating that I am an UNJUST ruler?!?!?!" Her rage could be seen all over her face, and it frightened you. You had to think of something quick or you really would find out just how unpleasant her 'OR ELSE' really was!

"No, no, of course not, Rosie! I think you are a wonderful ruler, but sometimes it is easier to get others to do what you want if you are kind to them." You soothingly state as you hand her the invitation she had given you earlier. "You see, this 'COME OR ELSE' part can be a little scary to other Neopets, and they may be too frightened to come to your party.

The anger slowly drained from Rosie's face and an expression of dismay replaced it. "Then how do I get others to come to my parties?" She asked, voice trembling with sorrow.

"Why don't we work together to make some fun invitations for your next party? I'm sure if we put our heads together, we can come up with something awesome!" You smile at her as you take a blank sheet of paper and a pen out and place them on the table.
Rosie smiles and sits next to you and says, "I'd really like that!"

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