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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: cordari
Owner: ladyminty
Breed: Grarrl

About cordari:

"And now, without further ado," LadyMinty announces proudly, "let me introduce my candidate for the Pet Spotlight... The one... The only...cordari!" With a sweeping gesture, she indicates the empty space beside her.

She blinks in surprise. "Uh... Um... Heh. Can we start over?" She tries again, her voice a little louder and more commanding. "Let me introduce...cordari!"

Nothing. Crickets chirp in the distance.

"One more time, okay?"Minty begs. "Please be patient. I know he's around here somewhere. CORDARI!!"

Her only answer is a gruffly whispered "Minty!" from around a nearby corner.

Minty sighs. "Cordari, come out."

"I can't!"

"Why not?"

"I'm... I'm wearing a skirt!!!"

With a sheepish grin, Minty explains. "Cordari is a Mystery Island grarrl right now, and he's not too happy about it. The flowers, the grass skirt... They're not him at all. He's a little embarrassed." Her voice drops to a whisper. "He won a silver trophy in the beauty contest with his new look, but it hasn't helped much. Maybe he'll feel better if he's featured in the Pet Spotlight... But don't tell him I said that, okay?" She turns to the corner and calls again to the grarrl, finally coaxing him out.

At first, only his tan, reptilian head is visible as he peeks around the corner. Then he reveals his full Mystery Island self, but only long enough to run to his owner. He hides behind Minty.

Shaking her head, Minty says, "You know, cordari, you never used to be so shy."

"I never used to have to wear flowers around my neck, either," the grarrl whines.

"Are you going to tell your story, or shall I?"

Cordari raises his head a little. "I can tell it."

"So go ahead." Minty steps aside.

After clearing his throat, cordari begins. "I don't remember my earliest days. Surely I had some other owner back then, someone who created me and gave me my name, but I don't know who they were anymore.

"Minty adopted me as a friend for her elephante, HeffaLump_. Minty had only just started playing Neopets back then, and HeffaLump_ was only a few days old. I had already been around for a few months, so I became Heffa's big brother.

"I was just a regular old blue grarrl, and to this day, I'm not sure why Minty chose me. But I'm glad she did. She had lots of food for me -- I had gotten so hungry in the pound! -- and she bought me toys and lots of books. That was back when books didn't disappear when we read them. Heffa and I shared everything with each other, and soon we had two shoyrus in the family as well.

"Even though that was two and a half years ago, we're all still together. Minty would never abandon any of us. I'm well over 1000 days old now; Minty says I'm probably one of the oldest pets in Neopia.

"Back in those days, we didn't have other worlds to visit. There was no Battledome in which we could fight. Minty made money by restocking faeries (it was much easier back then!) and trained us with faerie quests, because back then we didn't have to wait for them to be granted. That's why my stats aren't too great right now -- my level went above twenty really quickly, so training with codestones or doubloons would get expensive. Minty says we'll work on that after she makes some NPs in the stock market.

"When the paint brush feature came out, Minty and I thought long and hard about whether I should be painted. We finally decided on stone because it was tough and strong, just as a grarrl should be.

"And really, that's that. We lived happily ever after, me and Minty and my Warf, Snackie Cake. Until...

"A few months ago, the Neopets team retired the stone paint brush and turned all stone pets into Mystery Island pets instead! I...wasn't thrilled."

Minty interrupts. "That's an understatement."

"I'm wearing a skirt now," cordari grumpily points out again. His little arms gesture to the grass skirt around his waist. "Really, is this any way for a grarrl to look?

"Someday, when a really great new look comes out, Minty will paint me again. For now, she's convinced me to give this Mystery Island thing a try." He sounds uncertain.

Minty reaches out and pats cordari's head. "He's a good boy, really. He's well behaved...most of the time."

"When am I not?" cordari pouts.

"When you eat things you aren't supposed to!"

"When have I ever?"

Minty shakes her head. "Don't lie, cordari. You remember the soap last week, and the bottle of sand. No big loss, but still... You've eaten a scratchcard, Heffa's favorite plushie..."

Cordari wrinkles his nose. "Well... I was hungry. I'm a growing grarrl."

"And do you remember that lawn gnome our friend sent us?"

"What lawn gnome?" cordari asks, his eyes wide and innocent.

"Cordari..." Minty's voice holds a warning.

"I remember."

"And what did you do with the lawn gnome as soon as we got it?"

"...I ate it." Cordari shrugs self-consciously. "And...it was delicious!"

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