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Pet Name: Captain_Molly
Owner: LilVeraLynn
Breed: Aisha

About Captain_Molly:

It is a typical day like any other day in Neopia Central, the sun is shining bright, and little neopets are learning and having fun, things are as they should be, but on Magical Road, in Vera Lynn's house, there is trouble afoot...

"Noooo!" Molly wailed as Oz, Cally, Meri and their mum Vera all tried to pull her into bathroom. "I don't want a bath! I'm not dirty! I took a bath a week ago!"

"You smell!" Cally stomped her foot, "We have to share a room for now, so you are going to be clean!"

"I'm a mighty pirate! Pirates don't need baths!" Molly argued.

"You smell like a mighty armpit!" Cally argued back.

"Mum! It's not fair at all! Do you know how embarrassing it will be? I'll be sailing the high backyards with my friends, and Boxarat will take a whiff, and I'll loose my captain's position for smelling like flowers or something girly! I'm supposed to be smelly, ALL pirates are smelly! It's a prerequisite!" Molly whined.

Vera tried not to breath through her nose as she answered back, "Well, err, Molly, it's gotten bad, really bad. Nobody can stand to be in the same room with you anymore. I'm afraid you'll have to wash."

Molly sighed forlornly, both sets of ears drooping, "Aww, bummer..."

Oz piped up, pinching his nose, "Hey, after you take a bath, we'll go play with Boxarat and get dirty again, so he won't know the difference, okay?"

Molly gave half a smile, "Okay Oz... If I'm not swallowed by the pink porcelain depths, it's a plan."

Meri, hating to have her little sister feel bad gave a smile, "I'm sure Wellington will still love you, even though you don't smell pirate-y." Wellington is Molly's felly and usually whizzes through the house at breakneck speeds, making burbly noises.

Molly gave a gloomy smile and nodded, "Well, I suppose everybody can unplug their noses, I guess I'll just get this over with..." Molly plodded into the bathroom, shutting the door behind herself. With a sigh she walked over to the bathtub and turned on the faucets, putting the stopper in and letting the tub fill. The bath toys floated through the water, and Molly put on her pirate bathing suit just because. She might have to take a bath, but nobody was going to make her like it. . She climbed in and sank into the water, blowing bubbles out her nose.

A rubber duck floated by. Molly's ears perked up, and she brandished her plastic sword menacingly, "Avast ye, ya scurvy yellow duck thingy! You've met the infamous Captain Molly, scourge of all pink bathtubs everywhere!" The duck bobbled in the water, much like rubber bath ducks do. It seemed unimpressed.

Molly sank back into the water and began lathering herself with the dread pink soap... It made bubbles on the water, soap film and bubbles collecting around the duck. Molly watched and then grinned, pulling her toy sail boat into the water with a splash. "Oh no! It's the rubber duck of doom! What will we do?!"

Molly snatched the duck, holding it close to her boat, "First mate Boxarat!"

"Yes cap'n?" Molly made a squeaky voice.

"Ready the really big unduckifying cannon!"

"Aye aye, cap'n!" Boxarat's voice answered back.

The huge duck of doom slowly paddled its way towards the tiny ship. It was the most ferocious looking duck Molly had ever seen. It stared down at the tiny ship with it's huge blue eyes, and let out an enormous quack. Molly stood her ground at the helm of the H. M. S. Leaky, paws on hips, glaring at the monstrous duck.

"Boxarat?" Molly asked.

"Yes cap'n?"

"Is that cannon ready yet?"

"Technical difficulties, cap'n."

"Technical difficulties?"

"Yes cap'n"

"Like what?"

"No cannon balls."

Molly thought about this for a moment, "What do we have, first mate Boxarat?"

Boxarat shuffled his little jubjub feet, "We haven't been back to port in so long! We used all our cannon balls in our huge battle against the unstobable horde of pirate zombies two weeks ago. Last week we made voodoo cannon balls out of my socks, cereal and secret voodoo talismans that are never to be named. I'm afraid we're pure out of everything!"

Molly scowled at her feet thinking quietly, one paw at her chin. "We have no choice then! Boxarat, you are my best friend, and I love you dearly, but I'm afraid you're fired."

"Huh!?" Boxarat's voice was hurt, and he frowned, looking to the floor.

"Stop moping and climb in the cannon. We have work to do!"

Molly practically stuffed Boxarat into the cannon's mouth, "Fire the jubjub!"

A loud knock was heard on the bathroom door, "Molly? Are you okay?" Vera's voice called, "You've been in there nearly an hour, don't you think you're clean yet?"

Molly looked around, she was in her bathroom again. She smiled, it was fun to pretend all on your own. Maybe she would have to take baths more often.

"Alright! I'll get out soon! I just have to finish my adventure!"

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