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Pet Name: Valanorz
Owner: tropical_tweety6
Breed: Pteri

About Valanorz:
While taking a stroll through Mystery Island to Geraptiku, you see a purple pteri with its head drooped and eyes closed slightly on the middle of the road. Beside her laid a fine violin beautifully polished and a bow. Under the violin was a fine notebook and a pencil rolling about.
"Hey, are you alright?" you asked softly.
The purple pteri slowly lifted its head in response and opened its eyes enough to reveal its sparkling lavender pupils. She stares at you for a a few seconds that was a very long moment and then finally gave a slight nod.
"Um... great day today, isn't it?" you say, trying to be polite.
The pteri turned its head away from you toward the sun. Her eyes were sad and dim. Once again, she gave a gentle nod while facing the sun.
"You don't look okay," you say.
The pteri lowered its head and didn't look up.
"Oh! Sorry about that!" cried a voice in the distance. A cloud pteri flies up to you and continues to apologize about the reactions of the purple pteri. "She's mute, you see, and she's not happy about it..."
Puzzled, you nodded. "So if she's mute, she probably couldn't hear either."
The cloud pteri shook her head. "No, my sister could still hear just fine."
You shoot a confused look toward the sad pteri. "Why?"
The cloud pteri sighs. "Maybe I should tell you the entire story of how Nora became mute myself."

"Nora used to sing, you know. She sung and whistled everyday and this very time. Each sunset, each morning, and no other time. It's a treat to hear her voice and a daily hobby for her. She never stretched the length of her songs and sang them only at exact and certain times. Even though each song she whistled and chirruped were the same length, Nora always changed her songs. None were the same. That's why she is very special and we all love her. But hey, her personality was brilliant too and she was very helpful."
A quetzal slitters by you and you give a little frightened jump. Then the beautiful and elegant snake slittered to the side of Nora, whose head was still lowered. It climbed onto her back and wrapped around her neck softly and leaned its head against her back with its royal blue feathers against her side. The quetzal closed its eyes.
"That's Tazeya," the cloud pteri said, "She is Nora's petpet." You give another silent nod and then the cloud pteri continued on with the story. "But then... one day she woke up and came to breakfast quiet while we were all noisy. She didn't talk. At all. We all became worried after a while and so was Nora. She sang last night perfectly, but now she couldn't talk at all. There on... Nora was very sad and dismay. She became very... erm... quiet and depressed. Wouldn't show much emotion at all."
"Then what's that?" you ask, poking at her violin with a stick, "This violin?"
The quetzal opened one eye and then hissed at you with its feathers suddenly perking up. Nora, though stayed the same and didn't move a millimeter. You jump back and drop the stick.
"That's Nora's violin. It may sound strange, but she's quite good at bowing."
"A violinist pteri? That's quite strange," you comment.
"Yes, we all know. Nora still snored, yawned, hiccuped, and talked in her sleep at night for a strange and unanswered reason. We tried for months to make her talk, but we all came up with a conclusion that she couldn't... no matter what... talk nor sing again. So, to cheer her up, we decided that she should get a brand new hobby- that involves music and of course, a petpet."
You pick up the notebook and cock your head. You open up the book and Nora looked up at you. The quetzal gave a soft, yet calm hiss. "Is this how you communicate?" you asked Nora.
"Yes," said the cloud pteri, answering for Nora, "Nora started learning how to write soon after she became mute. Why don't you show this stranger how you do it. Tell how you got your violin."
You shake your head slowly because she called you a 'stranger.'
Nora looked up at the cloud pteri and smiled, for the first time ever with a gentle grin. She settled the quetzal onto the ground and walked up to you with her wings tightly folded. "Oh, sorry," you say and hand her the notebook. Nora took the book softly in her beak and then sat down. She settled the book gently onto the ground and flipped through the pages slowly with her beak. Afterwards, she picked up her pencil and then passed it to her right foot. Staring at the page, she concentrated on the lines and her pencil. Soon after, Nora began writing.
--Lightfoot suggested that I played a woodwind- a flute or clarinet.
You watch the soft, curving cursive form in a strange ye t beatiful handwriting slowly onto the page. How does it feel to write with a foot?
---But... I disagreed. I thought a violin was more pleasant. But, also, to play one I needed arms and fingers- I lacked both.
You glance back at the violin and then at the cloud pteri, who was smiling sweetly.
---So, I hold the bow with my right wing and use my left foot to press the notes.
"That must be difficult," you say. Nora nodded and she continued writing.
---Yes, it is. Would you like to see me play?
"Oh, yes I do!" you replied. Nora smiled and closed the notebook. She dropped the pencil and closed her eyes. Nora then glided over to the violin, in which Tazeya was curled up on. Nora lifted up her quetzal and placed her gently onto the floor. Then, she picked up the bow with her beak and swiftly placed the violin onto the shoulder, making sure it wouldn't fall. Lightfoot, the cloud pteri, sat down beside you. Nora held her bow in her wing and then placed it firmly onto the violin. She leaned to the left deeply and brought her foot slowly up to the scroll (the top of the violin) and settled it on the neck. Nora then bowed a wonderful song.
"It's just like you singing," Lightfoot whispered, and you nod. The sun setted behind the horizon- the same way that it did each day when Nora used to sing her soul out.

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