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Pet Name: FlyingSeel
Owner: temptura
Breed: Tuskaninny

About FlyingSeel:
Today is a day of learning brought out by all the Neopian Schools! For most this day is thrilling, it seems impossible that one could fit so much fun into one day! But, for the unlucky few, the day seems impossible in the way that it's impossibley boring. This years career day, unforantely for you, happened to be choice number two.

Taking a glance at the quickly scribbled note given to you, you've arrived at the place it's instructed to go to. Seel's Negg Emporium. Sound's lame. Entering the shop, you see a large Tuskaninny sitting at the counter wearing a cheesy clip on tie. Noticing you, the tuskaninny quickly stuffed the fashion magazine he was reading under his desk and stood up from his seat.

"You must be the trainee they told me about! Name's FlyingSeel, but everyone calls me FS." He greeted you, grabbing your hand and shaking it tightly. "So you're interested in being a shop keeper, eh?" He further questioned. Giving him a half hearted nod, it would have embarrassing if you told him you actually wanted to be a stuntman. "That's the ticket!" He said so loudly he was nearly yelling. "Lemme give you a tour of the Emporium here."

After showing you the the stockroom and the bathroom, you hear the door open with its little jingle. Two neopets enter, an usul dressed entirely in green and a red techo wearing a black sweat shirt and pants enter.

"Oh, we're not open for another hou--" You begin to tell them, but FS cuts you off.

"Darla and Smithy! Still to no good, eh?!" Fs yells at the two robbers, who look detirmined now. "I'll teach you a lesson!" Fs yelped as the two neopets and him launched into a kung fu battle. Eyes wide, you watch as FS sending the pair flying off and fading into a distant twinkle.

"We're being launched into the atmosphere at an exceedily fast speed rate once more!" You hear the neopets yell as the fly away. Looking back at FS, he seems not the least bit preturbed. Continueing on the tour, FS shows you the negg battle supplies. Why do neggs need battle supplies? You wonder as you pick up a slingshot. As you examine it, you accidently sent a negg flying at FS! As if it were in slow motion, FS bent over backwards, avoiding the negg's reach completely. Once more were eyes wide and mouth gaping.

"Be careful with that, trainee!" FS told you calmly as he took the slingshot from your hand and stuffed it back on its shelf.

Finally, the tour was over and it was opening time. Just after several minutes of waiting, the first costumer came into the shop. It was a frail looking green techo, whose best friend seemed to be his hankercheif.

"Hey FS!" Began the techo, whose voice was very congested.

"Hello, Harry. Whatcha need?" Questioned FS, who seemed to know the techo very well.

"I need a cool negg, I hear they're good for a stuffy nose." Continued the techo, blowing his nose into his worn little hankercheif.

"I'll go get one, hold on. Trainee! Watch the shop while I go get it." Instructed FS, who turned to go explore the storage room for the cool negg. Examining the shelves, the techo pointed something out to you.

"Is that negg chokato?" He questioned you, pointing out a small blue and brown negg. Giving him a nod, the techo suddenly gaped.

"Chokato! I'm allergic to chokat--" Yelped the Techo, who began to huff and puff for a sneeze. As he did so, FS stepped out from the back with a cool negg in hand.

"Trainee! Run!!" Shouted FS, who was pointing toward the door. You darted toward the door, a large ACHOO! and the explosion of sneeze following you. As if in slow motion, you dramatically ran out the shop door and into the street, where people walking on the street had stopped what they were doing to look at the negg shop. After a moment, the little explosion had past. Feeblely you re-entered the shop, where everything had fallen from its place and was scattered about the floor and walls.

"Oh, my cool negg, thanks!" Began the techo, as if nothing had happened. Grabbing the negg from the fabblergasted FS, he replaced it with several coins and skipped out the shop.

"I think that's enough for today, trainee." FS finally said after a moment to regain himself. Nodding sullenly, you didn't want to leave now. What was a stuntman compared to a shopkeeper!

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