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Pet Name: Squirrilia3000
Owner: accasperberry3
Breed: Usul

About Squirrilia3000:
"But I HAVE to go!", I begged to my owner.
"Squirrilia, it's too dangerous for a small baby Usul to be wandering around by herself at...erm...Where was it you wanted to go?!?"
"The big start of Usul Skiing Season! It's the biggest event for all Usuls in Neopia, and every pet who is my species will be there, exept me if you won't let me go! Please?!? It's my birth-right as a Usul to attend!"
"No! Now, go to your room! I do not want to be bothered with such nonsense again!"
I went to my room with a grudge pulling at my mind, like a Mynci trying to peel open a banana that isn't ripe. I was so angry, I ripped the paper in my room, I stomped on the ground, I punched my pillow, and then finally cried in it. I felt so sad that I couldn't attend the Usul Skiing Season. It seemed like nobody would let me do anything, just because of my baby color. But you get used to the cruelty, the misjudgment, and the creepy people picking you up going, "Woodja, woodja, woodja!!!" that come along with it. I only wish I could be treated with the respect I truly earn from others, who instead treat me like I'm just a baby Usul. But I’m not! Sure, it looks like it, unless you look at one slight detail…
You see, I'm not just a baby. When I was painted my color, I was gifted with amazing intelligence that couldn't be held by even one of the greatest scientists in Neopia! I love to read books, and I get all A's on my tests in neoschool. Yet even there, my classmates don’t respected me. Every time I answer a question right, or get another A on a test, they gawk at me with cruel, hateful eyes, as if I did something horribly wrong!
I lay there with my face in my pillow, thinking about everything-the cruelty, the mistreatment, and the fact that my owner was not letting me attend to one of the greatest days for my species! My head throbbed with my anger, as if it was ready to explode. My hands clenched into fists on the pillow, and tore at it, until it was split completely it half! "THAT'S IT! THAT IS IT!!!" I screamed with all the energy inside me. "I AM DONE WITH ALL THIS MISJUDJMENT AND MISTREATMENT! I AM GOING TO THE USUL SKIING SEASON OPENING, AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME!!!", and to myself, I whispered, "If my owner won't let me go, then there's only one soluton: I have to SNEAK out!"

The day for Usul Skiing season came fast, and during that time, I was prepared. While my owner was busy in her office, I rushed into my room, and opened the window. There was a tree right in front of my window-just the right size for me to use as a part of my escape plan. I stood on the ledge of my window, and with one good jump, I was on the tree, hanging with my hands clenching tightly by the nearest branch. I shimmied down to the trunk of the tree, and quietly slid down, standing safely on the ground. At last! I was able to go to this wonderful festivity, and not be judged by my coloring, because in the end, we were all Usuls, and that would be the only thing that mattered.
I made it to the festivity, just in time for everyone to get on their skiing gear. I took out my lucky gear, which I had saved for this day for a long time. I waited in the skiing line for about an hour, and just when I was about to doze off, it was my turn. I went up the the edge of the snowy mountain, and looked down at the horrifying view. It looked so deep and scary, I felt I could go no further. A skunk usul behind me yelled, "Come on, you baby! Go down the hill!" There was that word again! Baby! The one that separated me from all the normal colored pets! I had to do it! I had to prove to them that I was more than a baby, more than what met their eyes. So with one deep breath, I pushed at my skis, and down the mountain I went.

My skis went down the mountail like lightning! The wind pulled at my face violently and threw clumps of snow at me. I dodged past trees and avoided rocks, until I came up to a huge ramp whos curve ran up to at least one hundred meters, which was much to high for me to survive! I screamed in terror at my fate, until just when I was about to go off, something knocked me at my side, making me lose ballance and fall sideways, right beside the ramp. When I gained my sight back from the snow on my face, I saw, laying beside me, my owner, who dove at my side to push me aside the ramp and save my life.
"You should've listened to me when I said to not go," she said when she lifted herself up from the snow.
"I know, but I guess I was just angry, angry at how everyone treats me like I'm just a baby. And now, I know they were right. I'm just a small fraidie-wocky baby who can't do anything right," I wept and turned my head away to hide my shame.
But she turned it back. "It's true. Most pets just look at a pet and judge them for their appearance, and not for the way they really are. But they are wrong about you, because you have a gift. A gift that will one day change the world of Neopia into a better place, with no villians or criminals or horrible beasts. And so misjudging you and your abilities will be the greatest mistake that anyone made." She tilted her head down, gave a deep sigh, and then said, "I'm sorry I didn't let you go just because of the way you look."
"It's okay," I replied. "I used to wish that everyone treated me for the way I acted instead of the way I looked. Now the only thing I wish for is that...well...that every pet could have a caring owner like you!"
She then smiled at me, and gave me a warm, tender hug. We got up from the snowy ground and began our walk home. And with a smirk of satisfaction on her face, she said, "Squirrilia, you DO realize that you are being grounded for sneaking out of your room, right?!?"
"Yes, I do. Just remember to ground me from any skiing trips we may have..."

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