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Pet Name: BunBun_98023
Owner: jacqds
Breed: Cybunny

About BunBun_98023:
I can’t believe the evil hand reached out and changed me! I was casually hopping around Haunted Woods minding my own business, when out of nowhere – a gigantic skeletal hand grabbed me. As a Halloween Cybunny, I was very familiar with spooky things and not much scared me. However, on this dark night – very deep in the woods – everything was about to change. I had been on my way to my home, the Villa de Mysterioso. It was a very nice evening. The moon was full and the wind was picking up slightly whipping through the trees making scratching noises. I could see Bats flying in the midnight sky. Up on the mountain top, far in the distance, a small figure moved around – I believe it was a Halloween Lupe howling at the full Moon. Clouds were starting to come in and fill up the sky and thunder rumbled all around. Off to my right, I could see some lightening. The flashes were very bright.
Okay, back to my story. As I was saying, I was on my way home when I noticed a very cold chill in the air. Nervously, I looked all around. I could feel something brush up against me. I heard an odd noise coming from behind me. My fur stood straight up. Suddenly, without warning, this cold and bony hand grabbed my ears. I was being lifted into the air. Scared and nervous I began to struggle. Using one of my battle moves, I quickly used my Cybunny Bump. Unfortunately, the bony hand kept its grip and I dangled helpless from it. Desperately, I tried the Cybunny freeze. Sadly, the hand lifted me higher into the air. I got so nervous I started squirming around. I felt an icy breeze cut right through me. It was too late! I started to feel this odd cold sensation rush all over me. I felt as if I was melting into the air or as if ice cold water was being dumped all over my fur. It was truly weird. It made me feel very dizzy. I remember feeling as if the hand had suddenly released me. The weird part is - I did not fall to the ground. I floated or hovered!! Wow, what happened to me? I looked down to the ground to see my paws slightly floating above the ground. I looked all around. The mysterious bony hand disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. It was nowhere to be found.
Confused and scared, I scurried off and up the mountain toward my home the Villa. Once there, I proceeded to open the door. To my surprise, my paw went right through the door! Oh my goodness! What was this? Was this some kind of trick? It was at that moment I felt even more scared than before. I could feel my heart beating faster. I lunged toward the door again. This time, I fell right though and ended up in the foyer on the floor of the Villa. Puzzled, I looked up at the ceiling. The enormous chandelier glowed with dripping candles. The rest of the foyer was very dark. I got off the ground and shook myself to fluff my fur. Horror-struck, I hopped toward the gigantic mirror by the door. There I saw the most shocking thing I had EVER seen!!!!!! Oh NO! I had been changed into a GHOST Cybunny! My beautiful fluffy white fur was a glowing grayish blue. My eyes were a yellowish red. I had grown long, yellow fangs! How could this happen to me? How had the bony hand changed me? Was it some kind of magic spell? I would have to think about this and do some investigating!!
After the initial shock wore off, I stood in front of the mirror and admired my new look. I always thought ghosts could not see their own reflection. Well, guess what? I could! I decided to make best of my situation. There had to me some good points to becoming a Ghost Cybunny, right? I guess there may be some really fun tricks I could play on my best friends, BunBun_98023 and Devonna_Vercelli. In time I may actually get used to being a Ghost Cybunny. Not all changes are bad……Right now, I still live in the Villa de Mysterioso. Things are different now that I am a Ghost Cybunny but that is okay. I don’t really hop anymore, I kind of float! I never knew that being a ghost could be so much fun. So, that’s the story of how I (Prinzess_Valentina) changed from a Halloween Cybunny to a Ghost Cybunny.

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