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Pet Name: OlimFabula
Owner: silent_snow
Breed: Lutari

About OlimFabula:
This does not look like Mystery Island.

Your boat has crashed, and you seem to have landed on a small, deserted island. There are no living creatures in sight- all you can see is water, sand, and trees. Lots of water, sand, and trees. The sun is shining brightly, and the severe lack of wind makes everything seem much too hot. You have no food, no drinking water, no sunblock, and now you’re stuck on this island, and you’ll never get off. With a dramatic sigh, you plop down on the sand.

“Okay, okay, now hold everything! This is ridiculous!”

Alright, then. Maybe the island isn’t deserted. You look up, startled to see a Neopet come stomping out of the crush of trees. The pet appears to be a yellow Lutari wearing a long black cape and some kind of hat. The Lutari comes right up to you and looms over you, glaring down, his cape flapping in a wind that seems to have only just picked up. It seems awfully strange for that wind to have only just started, but since it helps with the heat, you aren’t complaining.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t I specify a clean set for rehearsal? Didn’t I tell Juhnos to make sure that nothing was in the way? But he never listens!” The Lutari buries his face in one of his paws, sighing dramatically. “Okay, you. Name.”

You manage to stutter out your name through your surprise, and the Neopet looks you over again. He is quite confused, if the look on his face isn’t telling a lie.

“Wait, wait a sec. You aren’t one of the extras, are you? No, no, I should have seen this coming. After all, nothing can ever go right for me!” He shrugs, a sarcastic smile on his face. “But then again, what do you expect? It’s live theatre, after all.”

The Lutari now extends a paw to you, helping you up from the sand. “The name’s OlimFabula, Semi-Evil Assistant and Musical Director. Call me Olim.” He takes a small card out from somewhere inside his cape and hands it to you. “My card. In case you ever want to know the show dates- I’ve got my Neomail address on it.”

Now you’re confused. You glance down at the card and then back up at the pet. “Show dates?”

“Well, of course!” Olim smiles broadly, showing off all of his unnaturally white teeth. “I direct a theatre group on this island. We write and perform musicals for the general public. The groups name is The Shadow Troupe- haven’t you heard of us?”

You shake your head.

“Well… I suppose that makes sense, since the group was only formed yesterday. And since it’s only Juliet and I who are in it at the moment. But no matter! You’ll hear more of our group soon, rest assured. However, in the meantime… MAC! Get yourself over here!”

The wind that had previously been blowing suddenly stops, and a Pirate Gruslen runs onto the sand from the forest behind. He’s carrying a palm fan in his mouth, which you stare at incredulously. Was he making that wind?

“Alright, Mac, this person needs to get back to the mainland. So go and get E.G. Kelly for me, will you? Good boy.”

The Gruslen yips in agreement and drops the fan, running back into the forest, his peg leg leaving deep indents in the sand. Olim watches him go, a smile growing on the Lutari’s face. Somehow, this smile looks much more real than the one he gave you before.

“Mac’s my Petpet. He helps out with props and special effects- actually, he’s my whole backstage crew. But he does his best.”

The Lutari looks back at you, still smiling. “Mac’s gone to get the Evil Genius. She’s my owner, unfortunately, and a bit… weird. But she can get you to Mystery Island. That’s what you wanted, right?”

You nod, and a second later a teenage girl comes stumbling out of the grove of trees. She’s wearing a lab coat and a fake mustache (which Olim purposefully snickers at) with a giant scowl on her face. The human glances at you and then sighs, muttering something to the tune of ‘waste of time’. She stomps off down the beach, not sparing you another glance.

“You follow her,” Olim says gently, “and she’ll lead you to her boat. And don’t worry; she’s not mad at you. She just likes people to think that she’s evil.”

As you walk off down the beach, Olim waves at you, still wearing his glamorous smile. Behind him, Mac (who has just returned) starts waving his fan again, and Olim’s cape blows up into the air. You can’t help but laugh as the Lutari struggles to keep his cape on, shouting frantic orders to his Petpet. Maybe you will go and see one of his musicals some day…

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