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Pet Name: Apagine
Owner: lavenola
Breed: Gnorbu

About Apagine:
One day, as you're taking your daily trip down to Kreludor, ready to give that meteor one last poke, you notice a blur of green disappearing across your field of vision. Your curiosity perked, you look around until you spot that blob of fur lurking around the gates of the Kreludor Mining Corp, its bright green color clashing horribly with the drab grey surroundings. As you approach, hoping to warn the Neopet against those nasty robot security guards, you notice that he's a small Gnorbu.
Before you reach him however, he sees you and puts a stubby paw to his mouth and whispers "Shhhh, the guards are coming!" and before you can react, pulls you by the arm and leads you away to a secluded section of the nearby Kreludor café.
As he looks around the café, perhaps wary of any potential spies or nosy gossipers, you look at the little Gnorbu in front of you. His hair is knotted and messy as if it hasn't been brushed for a few days; while the bits of twig and leaves woven through his hair give him an earthy organic look. As he looks back at you, satisfied that there aren't any unwanted listeners around, you note that his eyes are wonderful blue orbs, glinting with curiosity and that little hint of mischief.
He smiles at you and says "Sorry for pulling you away like that! But the guards were coming and you shouldn't have been at the mines anyway!"
You can't help but retort, "If so, what were you doing there?"
His mouth quirks more, a grin plastered across his face and he mysteriously says "That's a long story, but we have plenty of time so would you like to hear it?"
As you nod, he launches into his story, beginning with "My name is Apagine and I was born as a blue Gnorbu. But I think in my truest of heart, I always felt more green than blue. In my younger days, I'd try to quench my desire to connect with the color green through physical possessions such as those swanky Green Sparkle Trousers and Musho Mushy Peas, but it never felt enough.
Then one day, my owner lavenola (cruel girl, that one) decided to take us all camping so that we can all be touched by the sublime nature. My brother Evil being Evil, made some remark about the sub-LAME nature, but as soon as lavenola threatened to pound us for the seventh time that day, we were all on our merry way!"
As Apagine pauses, gauging your reaction, your mind is racing with so many questions and so many comments but you finally settle with "Nice family!" The Gnorbu chuckles and resumes his story enthusiastically, "We traveled to the forests deep within the mountains of Shenkuu. The natural world there was overwhelming, with vines twisting and curling over grand old pines, each plant merged and pulsating with a quiet life of its own. I remember my siblings complaining about the abundance of trees where we're used to seeing our favorite chocolate, books and magic shops, but for some reason unbeknownst to me at the time, I felt the need to defend such a noble place and replied snappishly, “What did you expect? You’re in a forest!” That day, we followed a trail up to the mountain top, but as you can imagine, for a short-legged Gnorbu, it was no easy task!”
You urge him to continue his story and he does, “By early afternoon, we’d reached the camp site and while Evil and Tamberna were being silly and trying to set plants on fire, I laid there exhausted, with the fresh grass and fallen leaves soft beneath my back, and the high trees and infinite sky above me. I felt at peace and realized then that everything around me was green. The leaves bathed in the mild spring sun are the color of green apples, while the darker undergrowths are reminiscent of my favorite Green Gnorbu plushie. I got up from my lazy lying position and started to run around the camp site - everywhere I look, it was wonderfully green, “how had I missed that before”, I thought repeatedly at the time. My brothers looked at me as if I was crazy, but lavenola smiled knowingly.
Later that night, we all sat quietly under the stars, with the beauty and immense power radiated by the ancient forest having a positive and calming effect even on my siblings! That was when my owner presented me with a small package, wrapped roughly in layers of green paper. I held that package which hummed within my paws, while wondering what it could possible be. Then as layers upon layers of green paper fell to the ground, a green paint brush was revealed! My tiny heart felt as if it was going to burst from happiness, and my paws were trembling slightly from excitement. Lavenola smiled at me and said “I think you now understand what it actually means to be green.” And I could only nod mutely.”
The Gnorbu licked his mouth and with that, ended his story. You ask him what the lesson was and he replies “Despite my finally being painted green, I now know that green is not just something that you can buy, but is instead embodied by the natural wonders all around us. For me, being truly appreciative of green means I have to protect the natural world that I deeply cherish. That’s why I must sneak into the Kreludor Mining Cooperation headquarters and stop them from destroying the nature of Neopia, even if it is only the moon they’re mining for now!”
With that, he flashes you one last smile before disappearing into the distance, most probably towards those forbidden mines.
The next day as you're flipping through the daily news, the headline "Gnorbu Caught Trespassing in Kreludor Mines" catches your attention. Oh dear!

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