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Pet Name: taylor_lion
Owner: vegeta_goddess_01
Breed: Kau

About taylor_lion:
“That evil little rabbit!” A huge towering Kau with demonic glowing red eyes stomps around the corner, his tail lashing from side to side and his Darigan coloured coat bristling. He catches sight of you and groans. “Oh great, what now?”

The Kau takes a menacing step forward and brings her hoof down onto the ground with a crash. He leans forward and snorts when you take a step back. Just as you begin to feel a tingle of anxiety a sweet little Angelpuss hops into view and begins to chirp loudly at the Kau, clearly berating him for something.

“Wha…? From Neopia?” The Kau looks stricken and glances at you quickly. He and the Angelpuss confer for a while longer until the sweet little creature (the Angelpuss of course, not the Kau) hops back the way it came. The Kau quickly clears his throat and gives you a hesitant smile, “Erhh…Umm…I should apologise for my outburst – my bro…I mean sister…Daemon, let some of the petpets out of the cages.”

He gestures around him with a hoof. “I’m Taylor_Lion, the owner of this lovely petpet gallery.” The Kau’s smile widens and he beckons you to follow him. “I established this gallery after my owner began to get bored with her plushie collection. It was terribly simple really, I just brought to her attention that she had far too many petpets cooped up in her safety deposit box and she quickly happily gave me the neopoints I needed to expand out gallery floor space and transfer all the adorable petpets!”

Taylor leads you into a brilliantly coloured room lined with roomy cages inside of which a large range of petpets can be seen. A range of noises from hoots to hisses t growls issue forth and in the corner of the room the Angelpuss you saw earlier is sitting in front of a Droolik trying to coax it back into it’s cage.

“This is the main shop, you’ll have to excuse the mess. As I said earlier my brother paid us a little visit, evidently he got tired of playing with his Dragonack and decided to swap it for a Wain.” The Kau pauses to pick up a Meturf, which was doing a very good impression of a grassy tussock, and puts it back in its cage. “So, my friends, what is it you want to know about me?”

“My history? Not much to tell I’m afraid. I started out life as an Eyrie and was lucky enough to be painted disco coloured before I volunteered to test the labray out for my owner. After one too many zaps I ended up as a Darigan Kau, not that I care, mind you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I adore reading, especially anything to do with Kreludor! I’d give my eyeteeth to meet a real life orange grundo! Can you imagine actually living on the moon? Any books I get from the Kreludor book shop I always instantly read! Of course, reading isn’t all I do! I used to fight in the battledome quite a bit back in the day. I even managed to defeat that Punchbag Bob – a charming fellow, although he doesn’t say much.”

Taylor latches up a few more cages as he talk to you, pausing to stroke an adorable Catamara that is circling around in its bowl of water. “I suppose I miss the old days when I fought in battles and trained, but to tell you the truth I’ve come to find that petpets are my real passion! There is nothing I like better then to find a new petpet! They’re all so different! So beautiful! Each petpet has a unique personality!”

“In fact…” Taylor looks around you suspiciously. “Don’t tell anyone but I’m planning a journey to Meridell later this year to try and find some new species of petpets! I’ve heard rumours of several new and exciting petpets being spotted in the woodlands near the castle! How exciting! Perhaps I’ll even have one named after me! What an honour that would be! But, of course, you can’t tell anyone! Oh, I suppose you must be very busy! I’m sorry I don’t have some exciting tale about being blessed by a faerie or meeting an evil being, I don’t even have a labray story to tell you! All I can say is that Petpets are my life! This gallery is my pride and joy and there is nothing I’d like better then for more guests like you to visit!"

"So please, pass the word!” Taylor_Lion gives you a bow and then trots off to help catch the rest of the rogue petpets.

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